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July 12, 2018 Release

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New Report!
With this release, we’ve added a new report called the Income Analysis report. We are pleased with to introduce a new format with this report that should prove to be easier to read and more useful.The report allows you to compare two time periods for Revenue, PCN, and Camper Nights. Other options for the report include:

  • Minimum and Maximum nights to narrow the report focus
  • Filter by Region setting: Local, Regional, or National
  • Include Other Income in the report
  • Include KampStore Income in the report

The stats are broken out by Site Class, Pricing Group, and Short Term or Long Term and list a variance from the first period to the second as well as a percentage of variance. Cancellation Fees, Other charges, and Store charges (by Department) are broken out into their own sections. The bottom of the report shows totals for all types of revenue listed in the report for a high level overview.

Check it out for yourself from the Reports menu under the Analysis heading.

Open/Unbalanced transactions
We are continuing our effects to ferret out issues that are creating Open or Unbalanced transactions and made good headway with this release.

Please be patient …
One issue that we found has roots at the front desk. Imagine having a guest standing in front of you and you’re ready to take a credit card payment. You tell K2 that you’re going to use the PIN pad device in front of you and it pops up a screen that says ‘Waiting on PIN pad device …’ What we found is that sometimes, the transaction is taking longer than you expect, and so you try to cancel out of the screen so that you can just type in the credit card number manually. Unfortunately, once the transaction has been initiated on the PIN pad, it has to complete. We were seeing some isolated instances where this occurred and both transactions went through … the PIN pad and the manually keyed charge. We’ve added a couple of things to help:

    • In the Payment screen, we changed the message a bit to read “Waiting on PIN pad device … Errors may occur by refreshing this screen before processing has completed.” If you feel that you’re experiencing slow response times with your PIN pad devices, we encourage you to find a networking professional in your area to help identify issues that may be bogging down your network connection.

    • Second, we’ve added a flag on the payments that are listed at the bottom of the Payment widget to help you identify if the credit card transaction was manually keyed or done through the PIN pad. This can be helpful with tracking down issues.

Cancellations & Early Checkout
Another area we found that caused Open or Unbalanced transactions had to do with the Cancellation. In one scenario, the front desk person would ‘blow through’ the Cancellation pop-up screen and not pay attention to the amount to refund. When they were returned to the reservation form, they would try to manually update the Cancellation Fee charges, which caused certain issues. We rearranged the Cancellation pop-up to draw more focus on the refund due to the guest and we will require the front desk person to confirm the refund amount before they can finalize the cancellation. There was similar functionality added to the Early Checkout pop-up as well.

We continue to make good progress on the QuickBooks integration to provide a stable and reliable solution.

  • Inventoried departments will now flow through in detail to the IIF file. That means if you do inventory through QuickBooks and you were waiting for our integration to be able to accommodate that, you’re wait is over!
  • There was an issue on initial setup (and periodic updates) when importing in Items from QuickBooks to K2. The Pricing Mode was pulling into K2 incorrectly. That has been fixed with this release.

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