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July 31, 2018 Release

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Report Menu Update
We’ve updated the Reports Menu to bring consistency with other areas of K2. The new format places the reports in each category under a button with an easily recognized icon. Just click on the button and the reports that are available in that category with be listed in the drop-down.

New Report!
We’ve added a new report called the Charge Code Analysis report.

The report will allow to select a time period and your selection of Charge Codes. The easy to read format will show:

  • Charge Code and Charge Code type
  • Quantity sold during the time period
  • Total charges during the time period
  • Tax charges associated with the charges

Report options include ‘All Detail’, ‘Totals by Day’, or ‘Totals Only’ for the high-level overview.

Other Report updates
Here are a few other updates that are worth mentioning

  • Guest Folio Report update
    • Are you tired of running the Guest Folio Report only to have it print pages and pages of information? We’ve added an option to generate the report in a Summary format that will condense the ins and the outs of the ledger to create a report that will be easier to share with your guest.
  • The Operations Recap has been updated to break out the Cancellation Fees for the Site Class Other. For those of you who use and Other Site Class, your Cancellation Fees will now be clearly listed.
  • The Occupancy Analysis Calendar now includes an ADR (Average Daily Rate) calculation.

We’ve made updates to the Review menu!

    • The Review menu shows reservations that have been made from external sources but only included KOA.com reservations. With the release, reservations made by the call center will also be displayed.

    • An update was made to allow a VKR discount to be applied at the time of the reservation even if the membership is expired or close to expiration at the time the reservation is made. This mirrors the functionality of KampSight. When the guest checks in, the system will re-check the membership expiration date and warn the user if the card is expired.

  • The Discount widget received an update too. The discount search results pop-up has been updated for a better look and feel and each discount in the list now includes a link to the discount’s detail. This will be useful when trying to figure out if a guest stay matches the rules of the discount.

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