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July 9, 2019 Release

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Report Updates

Account Aging

  • A minor update was made to change the name of the report in the report menu drop-down to match the name at the top of the actual report.
  • An update was made to include any accounts that are still active, even if the balance is zero.

Account Billing Statement

  • An update was made to the Account Billing Statement to allow the user to run the report for a date span

Business Analysis Charts

  • There was an issue that was preventing all referrals from showing in the report. This has been corrected.
  • A minor change was made to drop the code of the Referral Code and only show the code name. For example: “PK” for “Prefer KOAs” will now just show “Prefer KOAs”

HouseKeeping Cleaning List

  • An update was made on the report so that the (!) ‘Hot Site’ icon will only show then the report is run for a single day. Multi-day date spans will not show the icon. Note: a “Hot Site” is an accommodation that has a departure and incoming arrival on the same day.

Reporting Long Term Nights

  • An issue was discovered when reporting camper nights for long term stays. Report logic included camper nights even if the associated charges were only estimated (not posted yet). This has been corrected. The following reports were affected by this change:
    • Operations Recap
    • Operations Summary
    • Operations Recap Detail Download
    • Daily Transaction Summary
    • Revenue Analysis
    • Income Analysis

Royalty Remittance Summary & Detailed Report

  • It was reported that there were discrepancies with the numbers reported between the Remittance Summary and Remittance Detail reports dealing with Forfeited Deposits for BaseBook guests. It was discovered that the Remittance Detailed report was including numbers that it should not have included. This has been corrected.

Value Kard Rewards

  1. An update was made to help warn the user when they have entered a Value Kard number that has been merged into another account.
  2. To align with current Value Kard program business requirements, the term “Membership” has been removed from text on receipts.

Other Development

Account Billing

  • An update was made to the Account Billing details screen to show the Transaction number in the table of outstanding transactions as well as Totals. This was done to bring more clarity to the user

Booking Chart

  • An update was made to the Booking Chart for sites that have been designated as Dual Use. When the user clicks on the Site Number link, a modal will appear with site information. The modal will now show two “tabs” on the top, which will allow the user to select the Pricing Group and see the related information. Note: site information remains the same between the two tabs.

Confirmation Email

Several updates were made for the Confirmation email as a result of requests that came in through Support. Thank you for your feedback through the support process!

  1. The Confirmation was not showing site charges correctly when the charges were manually edited by the user or were zeroed out. This has been corrected.
  2. Another issue was reported that dealt with Additional Charge Codes added to the reservation in K2. When manual charges were added, the “Additional Charges” line on the Confirmation was not correctly updated. This has been fixed.
  3. An issue was reported about the Confirmation and the Big Weekend. Guests were confused because site charges were showing as well as the $20 Big Weekend charge, but we were not showing the discount amount. Lastly, the description for the Big Weekend charge was “Additional Charge” rather than “Big Weekend Charge”. Changes were made in the Confirmation to make this clearer to the guest.
  4. Based on feedback Support has received, wording on the Confirmation was confusing for ‘Pets’ and ‘Slideouts’ for reservations made in K2 (not for reservations originating on KOA.com). As a temporary measure, we have hidden those two fields from the Confirmation until further K2 development can be done to store those settings with the reservation.

Multi-Language Support

  1. An error was reported with the KampStore receipt printed in French. The word “KampStore” was always being replaced with the French for ‘Reprint’ even if the receipt was not a reprinted receipt. This has been corrected.
  2. Several system terms were delayed or missing in the original release of French Text for receipts. Translations for these terms have now been added.
    • KampStore Charge Total
    • Gift Card Balance
    • Date Purchased (Gift Card)
    • Original Balance (Gift Card)
    • Date Last Used (Gift Card)
    • Expires (VKR expiration date)
    • Current Points (VKR current point balance)
    • Deposit Reservation Adjustment
    • Reprint
    • Contact (Account Billing/Account contact name)
    • Transaction ID (Account Billing transaction identification numbers)

Check Out Guests menu option

  • When the ‘Select All’ box was clicked in the Check Out Guests menu, guests who had a Charge to Site balance would be visibly checked, but disabled (you couldn’t uncheck the box). This visual indicator has been fixed to no longer show as checked when ‘Select All’ is used.

Payment Modal

  • To bring consistency in the Payment Modal, all Payment Types listed under “Other” will now show in alphabetical order in the KampStore and the Payment widget in the reservation forms.

HotFixes Since the Last Release

Hotfix is something that gets pushed into the software immediately after the issue has been identified and corrected. These fixes usually represent something that must be corrected quickly and cannot wait until the next software release date.

  1. Guest Activity Report (released on 6/26/2019)
    There was a bug introduced with a recent update that was causing long term stays to not show up on the report. This has been corrected.
  2. Short Term Rate Plan (to be released on 7/9/2019)
    A recent update to the Short Term Rate plan screen accidently eliminated the “Copy Rates From” option. This has been added back to the screen.

Future Development

  • Select My Site
  • Report options for On Site Storage and Overflow
  • Reassign/Refresh Rates
  • Group Enhancements
  • Waitlist

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