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June 18, 2019 Release

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Cash Back in Reservation Forms

We are happy to announce an enhancement that has been one of the most highly requested among K2 users – make cash back in the reservation form work the same way as it does in the store. With this release, you won’t have the hassle of creating a separate ‘payment’ for the cash back amount when a guest pays with Cash in the reservation form.

When you click on the Cash button in the payment area, the payment modal will appear as normal.

Type in the amount of cash the guest is offering for the payment. Click ‘Apply Payment’. The payment is applied and a new modal will appear at the end of the transaction showing the amount of cash back that is due the guest.

The list of payments will show the full amount received and the cash back amounts on separate lines.

If Cash is used to pay the deposit on an Up Coming reservation, a new modal will appear that will allow the user to add the extra amount to the deposit, give cash back, or go back and change the payment amount.


Copy Reservation Now Includes Credit Card

Another popular request was to include the credit card information when copying a reservation to create a new one. Credit card numbers themselves are not stored in K2. Instead, we store a ‘token’ which is a number generated by the credit card processor that references the credit card number.

When copying a reservation, a new modal will appear that asks the user if they want to copy the credit card information with the guest and stay information.

In the new reservation, the copied credit card token information is found on the ‘Previous’ radio button of the credit card payment modal. There is an information icon that will allow the user to see the reservation number from which the information was copied. To use the card for a new payment, simply select the card and click ‘Apply Payment’.

There are some important things to note about copying and using the credit card token information in a new reservation.

  1. Actual credit card numbers are not stored in K2. The information that is being copied is only the token information.
  2. One-time use credit cards will not be copied, such as the ‘temporary’ cards used by Outdoorsy.
  3. If a user CHANGES the guest associated with the reservation, the copied credit card information will be removed.
  4. If a user EDITS the guest associated with the reservation, the copied credit card token information will not be removed.
  5. The reservation log will show when credit card token information was added with the copy function as well as when/if it gets removed. This will help with tracking.

Report Updates

Guest Activity Report

  • An update was requested to separate out the guest’s first and last names into separate fields to make working with email providers easier.
  • A request was made to make the Discount column wider to accommodate multiple discounts, etc.
  • We’ve added columns to identify the Rate Plan that was used for the reservation as well as columns for Gross Registration, Registration Discounts, and Net Registrations. NOTE: ‘registration’ charges only include site and people charges.
  • We have developed a process to basically take a copy of the database each night to use for this report. This means that changes you make today will not be reflected in the Guest Activity Report until the next day. This was done in order to help with the impact running this report has on the system during peak hours.


Guest Folio Report

  • There was a bug reported that was causing the balance on the Guest Folio to reflect double the amount of KampStore Discounts for transactions done through the reservation. This has been corrected.


Occupancy and Revenue by Day Report

  • A recent update to this report caused an unintentional merging of several columns. This has been corrected.
  • There was a bug reported that was causing short term nights to be understated in certain situations. This has been corrected.


Reservation Comparison Report

  • There was an issue reporting migrated data from K1 with cancelled reservations. This has been corrected.
  • There was a discrepancy in the programming determining the use of the month of check out rather than the month of check in. This was causing large, inaccurate movements to show for long term stays. This has been corrected.


Rate Your Stay Dashboard

  • There was an issue that caused RYS data to be missing in the dashboard. This has been corrected.
  • There was an issue that was causing RYS data to be reported multiple times in the dashboard. This has been corrected.


Site Revenue Report

  • There was a bug in the report that was causing future charges to not show on the report. This has been corrected.


Other Development

Email Confirmations

  • An update was made to correct how a VKR purchase made during the reservation process and how the taxes are shown on the confirmation.


Gift Cards

  • An update was made to set the minimum amount a guest can purchase on a new Gift Card to $5.00, which matches what was in K1.



  • An update was made to correct the amount due and totals on receipts that were mismatched in certain situations.
  • An update was made to correct a rare situation where the user would likely mistype the payment amount and short it by $.01. The system was not allowing the user to correct the transaction. This has been corrected.


KOA Vouchers

  • An update was made for the use of KOA Vouchers. In the payment modal for vouchers, the system will now validate the voucher number to make sure that it hasn’t expired and that the number is valid to use.


Screen Updates

There were several screen updates that were done to help bring consistency throughout K2. In every case, the functionality stayed the same; just the way things appeared on the screen changed.

  • All links – an item you click on that opens a new window – are now underlined.
  • All Information Icons have been updated to behave consistently throughout the system.
  • Updates were made to options that have the Yes/No slider so that they are consistent throughout the system.
  • Updates were made to the Short Term Rate Plan screen to improve the movement through the screen.



  • An update was made to correct an issue on Cancelled reservations that was preventing the user from being able to reinstate.
  • An update was made to use the Online Heading for the text on the receipt for the Pricing Group.


System Check

  • A new area was added to the System Check that will alert the user when a Tax Table has been setup with no tax rows.

Future Development

  • Select My Site
  • Report options for On Site Storage and Overflow
  • Reassign/Refresh Rates
  • Group Enhancements
  • Waitlist

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