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June 22, 2021 Release

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Pets & Slideouts

There has always been a bit of a disconnect between KampSight/K2 and KOA.com where Pets and Slideouts were concerned. The guest would be able to tell us if they were bringing Pets or they had Slideouts when they made their reservation on KOA.com but there wasn’t any place in the reservation form in KampSight or K2 for that information to land. As a way around that, those two items were added to each reservation as a Reservation Note.

As a first step towards aligning K2 and KOA.com for these questions, we enhanced the Stay Information widget in the reservation form to include these two “yes or no” fields:

  1. Pets? Y/N
  2. Slideouts? Y/N

The answers guests provide for these two questions online while making their KOA.com reservation will now be mapped to these two fields in the Stay Information widget of the reservation form in K2.

Note: Existing Reservations Notes containing these answers for all on-site and upcoming reservations will be migrated to the new fields and deleted from Reservations Notes, however, some may not be deleted if they also have Special Requests from KOA.com within the same note. Reservations that have come and gone or were cancelled will not have their Reservation Notes migrated in this way.

These fields do not just give the KOA.com information a place to land in the reservation form. K2 will use these new slider fields when creating reservations to match against Site Attributes for site selection. “Slideouts Y/N” will refer to the ‘Slideouts Allowed’ site attribute and “Pets Y/N” will refer to ‘Pets Allowed’ & ‘Pets Allowed $’ site attribute at the Site level.


Operations Recap Detail Download

There was an enhancement made to this report based on user feedback. A column was added for credit card transactions that will allow the user to identify the Transaction Type for credit card transactions. Choices that will show are:

  1. New = this is a new credit card transaction, either keyed in (MCM) or swiped (Axia or Blackline)
  2. Repeat = this is a credit card transaction that used a token to process
  3. Refund = this is a credit card transaction that is a refund of a previous charge
  4. Void = this is a credit card transaction that was a void of a previous charge

KOA Rewards Sales Report

An update was made to show refunded rewards as a negative number rather than a positive number. This was to correct a reported error.

Other Development

Resend Confirmation

The label on the button in the “Send Confirmation Email” modal was changed from ‘Cancel’ to ‘Don’t Send’ to make it clearer to the user what action they will be taking by clicking on that button.

Mobile iPhone: Stay Charges Widget

A mobile compatibility issue was identified with iPhone where the user was not able to enter a decimal point when editing charges in the Stay Charges widget. This has been fixed.

Guest Email – Add ‘Refused’ Option

In order to notify guests when their guest information has changed, we need to require an Email associated to the guest. We will add the ability for the guest to refuse to provide an email, much like the guest phone, to alleviate users from entering invalid emails when a guest does not want to provide an email.

Historical Guest Information

With the recent updates to the Guest Database, we saw a need to provide a place for users to quickly see the historical changes of the Guest information so that they could track when there are questions or discrepancies.

With this release, users will now be able to click on a link in the Guest Information widget, positioned directly beneath the Guest information.

User will be able to see all the historical changes made to the Guest record that were done after the Guest DB changes were released on May 12th.

Check for Existing Guest when Adding a New Guest

To support the goal of decreasing the number of duplicate guests in our system, we’ve added a check when a user creates a new Guest. We will compare the first name, last name, zip/postal code, and email address. If a match is found, you will see a new box which will allow you to select the guest already in the system instead of creating a new one.

KOA Rewards Terminology Updates

When the Value Kard Rewards program became known as KOA Rewards earlier this year, we had several places in K2 that our terminology had to be updated. This final set of updates included:

  • The Edit Guest modal
  • The VKRC payment modal
  • Error messaging in the KOA Rewards menu when purchasing
  • Error messaging in the reservation screen when a payment for the Rewards card purchase was not received
  • Error messaging in the reservation form when a discount is not allowed due to an expired card
  • In user setup, the description for the Operation Security Group “Front Desk” was updated with the correct verbiage
  • In the System Check, the verbiage was updated for Unbalanced Transactions when the KOA Rewards transaction is not in balance

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