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June 23, 2020 Express Arrival

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Introducing Express Arrival

There’s no doubt that COVID 19 changed the way we do business. The Home Office team has been working on a project to help campgrounds with social distancing requirements as well as speed up the check in process. We call it Express Arrival.


  1. The guest will have the ability to review their reservation ahead of Check In and let the campground know if they want any remaining balance owing on their reservation to be charged on the card they used for the deposit when they arrive or if they will be presenting a different form of payment.
  2. Many screens were optimized for smaller devices such as phones or tablet to speed up the mobile check in process for your staff.
  3. New icons will display next to each reservation that will help staff to easily identify reservations that can quickly be checked in using the previous credit card reducing the number of clicks for the user.
  4. Signature Capture, which is also part of this release, will work with Express Arrival and provide the ability to electronically capture the guest’s signature and store it with the receipt.
  5. If the campground purchases a wireless pin pad device, Express Arrival will allow a seamless integration for curbside transactions where the guest presents a credit card different than the one they used for their deposit.

How It Works

  1. Opt In for Express Arrival
    The campground can opt into the Express Arrival functionality by going to Operation Setup -> Operation Details. Note that when this is released, it will be turned off by default and you will have to go into setup to activate the functionality.On the Operation Profile tab, there is a new yes/no slider option called “Allow Guest Express Arrival”. Opting into this functionality turns on the Express Arrival pre-stay email for the guest and adds the enhanced screen options for K2 users (see below for details).
    Note: When you turn on Express Arrival in your setup, pre-stay emails to your guest will start the morning of the NEXT DAY.
  2. New Text Field
    We’ve added a new text field in setup for you to provide custom instructions to your guest for the arrival process. They will show on the pre-stay email, pre-stay acknowledgement page, and the normal reservation confirmation email. Go to Operation Setup -> Text Setup -> Text Fields to add your instructions.
  3. Express Arrival pre-stay email
    On the day of arrival, an automated email will go out to any guest arriving that day. The email will invite the guest to expedite their arrival process by starting their check in process. There is a link for the guest to click which takes them to a page on KOA.com.

    On this page, they’ll be able to view details of their reservation. The guest will not be able to make changes to their reservation at this time. However, they will be able to indicate if they’re going to use the same card at check in that was used for their reservation deposit or if they intend to pay with a different payment type when they arrive at the campground.


Screen Enhancements for Express Arrival

Updates have been made to improve the work flow of the reservation and check in process for the desktop (wide screen) and for smaller devices such as a tablet or a phone. If the campground is opted in to the Express Arrival functionality, they will see additional icons next to the guest names.

  1. A Green Icon means that the guest received a pre-arrival email, reviewed their reservation information, and indicated that they would be using the same credit card used to pay their deposit or paying with another form of payment at Check In. It also means that the guest indicated they didn’t need any changes to their reservation before Check In.
    • Clicking on Check In for a reservation with a Green icon will take the user directly into the Payment section of the reservation unless there are required Additional Questions that have not been answered.
    • The user can verbally confirm the last for digits of the card and click ‘Apply Payment & Check In’ or enter in another payment type or credit card if requested.
    • A new screen will appear that allows the guest to sign on the screen to accept responsibility for the payment. Once the user clicks ‘Done Signing’, the guest is checked in, the credit card is charged, and the receipt is emailed if the guest has ‘Email Receipts’ checked. The signature is digitally stored with the receipt.
  2. A Yellow Icon means that the guest received a pre-arrival email, reviewed their reservation information, but indicated that they had information on their reservation that needed to be updated before they checked in.
    • Clicking on Check In for a reservation with a Yellow icon will take the user into the reservation form. Information can be updated as needed.
    • The user can take a payment using an existing credit card, a new credit card or change the payment type.
  3. A Red icon indicates that the guest did not choose to verify their reservation information online. This reservation must be reviewed by a K2 user and checked in appropriately. This is the same Check In flow that existed previously on all reservations.
    • Clicking on Check In for a reservation with a Red icon takes the user into the reservation form where normal work flow is followed.

Other Development

Apply Payment & Check In

There was an enhancement made to the payment modal used during Check In. When a payment is taken that completely pays the balance due you will see a button “Apply Payment & Check In”. This combines the functionality of posting the payment and checking in the guest in one step. Note that this enhancement was made for all campgrounds, not just those opting in for the Express Arrival functionality.

Signature Capture

As shown above, we’ve enhanced our receipts with the ability to capture a digital signature. This is setup by going to Operation Setup -> Text Setup -> Receipt Messages. Click on the receipt that you want to have use Signature Capture. Click on the slide to “Yes”. Note that this enhancement was made for all campgrounds, not just those opting in for the Express Arrival functionality.

Check All / Uncheck All Report Option

A long awaited fix has been applied to those reports that have an option to select multiple items from a list. The Check All / Uncheck All functionality was not working. This has been corrected.

Operations Recap Detail Download

An update was made to add a column for the employee user name associated with each line item in the report. Note that some line items will not have a username associated with it, like camper nights for example.


System Check for Out of Balance KampStore Transactions

An update was made to the System Check for KampStore transactions that are out of balance. When the user clicks on the line, it will open the transaction in KampStore to allow the user to correct whatever is causing the out of balance.

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