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June 26, 2018 Release

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Great News! We’ve added the ability to discount an individual line item in the cart. This much needed update allows you to scan in an entire sale and apply a discount to a single item or apply a discount to the entire sale but use a different discount on a single item.Click on the line item:

Select the discount from the drop-down and click Save:

The discount that was applied to the item will show underneath the item in the cart:

Add a discount to the remaining items:

A note on Multiple Discounts: Prior to this release, K2 allowed multiple discounts to be used on a single item as an upgrade from K1’s capability. We’ve had to roll that back for now to allow this functionality to work. For example, if an item is on clearance and you’re selling it to your employee, you’ll have to decide which discount to give them – you can only give one.

KOA.com Integration Updates

With the release, we’ve made several updates to improve our integration with KOA.com for site availability as well as messaging to the guest trying to book a reservation.

Recent updates to the CMS for KOA.com allows the campground to set the time of day to cutoff accepting same-day reservations. Programming was changed to allow KOA.com to ‘be the boss of that’ rather than K2. If you want something other than a 4pm cutoff for same-day reservations, log into eKamp and your CMS to make those changes.
We’ve updated the messaging we send to KOA.com when there are problems with site availability for the guest’s specific request.

When a site or sites are available in a Pricing Group but none of them meet the guest’s requests exactly, we will show messaging that tells the guest the reason rather than the generic “No available sites…”. This message will be used if there are no sites available.

When a site or sites are available in a Pricing Group, but for a single reason, we are unable to meet the guest’s request, we will show that specific reason;

  • Minimum Stay in effect
  • Party Size
  • Blackout Date
  • Equipment type
  • Equipment length requires disconnect
  • Hot Deal not valid on the site or Pricing Group
  • Site attributes (Pets or Slideouts) not available on the site

When there is availability but all sites that are available in the Pricing Group do not meet the guest’s request because of multiple issues, we will display the message “These sites do not meet all the conditions of your request. Please change your site details to try again or call (xxx) xxx-xxxx for more help.”

We’ve made a change that was caused both by site setup issues as well as alignment issues between K2 and KOA.com. Specifically, KOA.com allows the guest to tell us if they need to have slideouts on their site. For them, it is a YES or NO question. However, K2 site attribute settings allowed the campground to select ‘Slideouts-Left’, ‘Slideouts-Right’, or ‘Slideouts-Rear’. We were connecting a ‘YES’ from KOA.com to ‘Slideouts-Left’ when trying to match the guest’s request to an available site. We’ve added a new Global Site Attribute called “Slideouts – Allowed” that is required on all sites. If a site had Left or Right slideouts set, we programmatically set this new attribute to YES. If the site only had Rear slideouts set, we programmatically set this new attribute to NO. Please review your sites to make sure the slideout options are correct.

Open Transaction efforts
One of our primary focuses for this release was to address some of the situations that are causing Open Transactions. We are ferreting out the causes of these issues, but the following has been addressed in this release:

We’ve added an error when a user makes a reservation and then goes back into the reservation and purchases or renews the Value Kard. Since the Value Kard must be paid for at the time of the sale, the user will not be able to adjust the deposit to ‘absorb’ the VKR sale.

Long Term Camper Nights update you may have missed

On June 12th, we released an update to K2 that included changes to how Long Term camper nights are calculated for reports. It was done to correct errors we identified in the calculation method dating back to the beginning of the year. This update did not affect the calculation of short term nights.

Please note that this update changed the calculated long term camper nights historically. In other words, if you re-run a report that previously listed long term camper nights, you may notice the totals have changed. The charge data is not changed.

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