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June 9, 2020 Release

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Re-INTRODUCING Market Group Report for K2

The Market Group report has long been a mainstay for operations to view their registrations, camper nights, check ins, and other metrics in three ‘buckets’: 1 Night Stays, 2-27 Night Stays, and 28+ Night Stays. With the transition from KampSight to K2, we needed to move the creation of the report to the K2 platform while making some improvements with how the report is displayed as well as adding some new filtering options that enhanced the report.

The report design is similar to the design of the original report in KampSight. Overall metrics for the time period are shown at the top of the report. A Market Group Year is November 1st through October 31st of the following year. Statistics shown in the Top Level Overview include:

  • Total number of Check-Ins for the time period
  • Total number of Nights for the time period
  • Average Length of Stay
  • Total amount of Registration dollars in the time period
  • Campground’s overall NPS score for the time period
  • Campground’s ranking, based on the NPS score will show when run for a complete Market Group Year.
  • NEW! The percentage of First Time Guests for the time period. The method for determining a First Time Guest is that the guest has no other reservations for that campground for a three year look-back period. This metric will only show when run for a complete Market Group year.

The next section breaks down the overall metrics into the three Market Group buckets: 1 Night Stays, 2-27 Night Stays, and 28+ Night Stays.

  • Each ‘bucket’ shows a total percentage of nights and revenue as well as the NPS score and number of Rate Your Stay surveys returned for that category.
  • NEW! The Accommodation category has been broken out into ‘Deluxe Cabins’ and ‘Camping Cabins’
  • NEW! We’ve added a ‘Booking Window’ metric which reports how far in advance the reservation was made before the date of arrival

The lower section of the report breaks down the overall metrics into the distance the guest traveled from to stay at your campground: Local, Regional, and National. (Miles are determined in your operation setup and may differ from what’s shown in the graphic below).

Several other improvements have been made to the Market Group Report:

  1. Unlike the report in KampSight that was run only once a year, the Market Group Report in K2 can be run at any time from the Analysis reports folder in the Reports menu.
  2. A report option will allow the user to select the traditional Market Group year
    2019 = November 1, 2018 through October 31, 2019
    2018 = November 1, 2017 thought October 31, 2018
  3. If the traditional Market Group year is selected, the user can choose which season to report on: Winter or Summer.
  4. A new report option will allow the user to override the traditional Market Group years and select custom dates to run the report. The report can only be run for dates in the past, not the future and it cannot be run for a period of time greater than a year. Additionally, it runs off of day-old copy of data to prevent performance issues.
  5. A new report option allows the user to determine if the registration numbers are reported as GROSS or NET registration.
  6. A new report option allows the user to filter on whether or not a VKR discount was used.
  7. The report itself has been updated to help readability.

Business Analysis Charts update

An issue was reported that when the report is run for ‘Region’ under ‘Analysis Report’ drop down is pulling numbers way higher than other Analysis Report options. The issue causing the numbers to be off was identified and corrected.

Occupancy & Revenue by Day update

An update was made to display the entire Pricing Group name rather than truncating it to 25 characters. Users will now see the full name and the cell will wrap if it is too long.

Cashier’s Summary for an Employee Report update

An enhancement was made to the employee selection report option that will allow users of this report to include cashier activity from all sources, including external sources such as KOA.com, call center, etc.

Other Development

eKamp access with “Marketing” Security Group assignment

An update was made to fix an issue with users who are assigned to the global security group “Marketing”. Users were not able to use their K2 username/password to log into eKamp. This has been corrected.

Future Development

Zingle Integration/Guest Engagement Messaging

Our work on integration with Zingle continues as we enter into beta testing with one volunteer COP campground.

Express Arrival

In response to COVID 19 and social distancing recommendations, we are developing some tools to assist with the check in process.

Report Experience

Work is being done to improve the overall report experience, providing a method to run reports in the background and retrieve them once they have completed.

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