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KOA Rewards Guest Edit Special Update

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Why Can’t I Edit a Guest with a KOA Rewards Account?

On October 5th, we released an update to K2 that affected your ability to edit a KOA Rewards Guest record. Based on feedback, this update caught people off guard and has been the cause for concern.

Our First Step:

Thank you for your feedback – we heard you. We will be rolling back this change as soon as possible. You will be able to edit the guest record just like you did before the change.
UPDATE 10/8/2021: This rollback occurred overnight on 10/7.

Our Second Step:

Within the next few weeks, we will be taking another pass at addressing the issue we needed to resolve. Namely, changes to the KOA Rewards guest information data must maintain the integrity of our overall guest data.

We will provide a way for users to update phone and email addresses in K2. However, changes to the Rewards holder’s name or address will have to be done through one of the approved channels.
(See Moving Forward below for more information).

Digging Deeper …

The challenges behind this change:

There are two databases that store guest information; the KOA Rewards database and the K2 Guest database.

The KOA Rewards database is considered the final authority for Rewards holders. This information has to be kept in sync with the K2 Guest database.

During this interim step of having two databases that need to remain in sync, there are a number of challenges in the timing of changes and which data set is the authority. As we bring these systems together there are a lot of considerations in play and we missed the correct sequence of one of these steps with the last release.

Moving Forward:

This issue illustrates the importance of the work we’re doing to provide a single source of “truth” for guest information. We have begun the work on re-writing the KOA Rewards system to be an integrated part of the overall guest information in K2. When the work is completed, it won’t matter where the guest information is updated, it will all flow seamlessly to the same place.

For now, use the following update options for the Guest name and address information:

  1. Send updates to feedback@koa.net. Make sure to include the Guest Name, KOA Rewards account number and the information to be updated
  2. Remind the guest they can make their own changes:
    1. Through the KOA App
    2. On KOA.com when they make their reservation or view their account information
    3. Or by calling the Camper Experience Team at 888-562-0000

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