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March 17, 2020 Release

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Manual Site Optimization – Swap sites between Pricing Groups

We’re excited to announce an enhancement we’ve made in the Booking Chart that will allow you to Swap Sites between Pricing Groups quickly and easily.

Start in the Booking Chart by clicking on the ‘pencil’ icon in the upper right corner of the grid. This begins the Swap process.

Next, drag and drop reservations to move them around as needed to create the open space that’s needed. When you’re finished moving, click the ‘Save’ button in the upper right corner.

A new modal will appear showing you which reservations are moving to which sites. Each line will show the guest’s name, the site they’re moving from, the site they’re moving to, and the ‘Per Night’ and ‘Per Stay’ fees associated with each. If there is a change in pricing from the old site to the new site, there is an additional section that allows the user to determine if the guest will pay the additional amount at Check In. It could also be that the guest will pay less at Check In. Action by the user is required to continue by moving the slider to YES or NO. Once the user has told the system how to handle any pricing difference on each of the reservations, they can click ‘Move Reservations’ to complete the moves.

The user will not be required to go into each reservation to update. The system will handle the moves automatically and update the estimated charges for each. For tracking purposes, we’ve added entries to the reservation log file. We will show the site move with the Pricing Group change as well as the total charges before and after the move.

Business Rules and Guidelines

  1. Swapping sites between two different Pricing Groups can only be done on Upcoming reservations that are within the same Site Class.
  2. For guests who are already On Site, swapping sites can still be done but the guest must remain in the same Pricing Group.
  3. The ‘Per Night’ and ‘Per Stay’ amounts listed in the modal are calculated the same as they are in the reservation’s Stay Information section.
  4. To prevent the user from having to edit each reservation when this type of swap is done, the Deposit amount will remain the same as it was on the original reservation. The system will update the Deposit to be a ‘custom’ amount.
  5. All error checks for equipment length, number of people on the site, etc. will still be completed. If there is a conflict from the old site to the new site, the modal will show the conflict and allow the user to correct the error and try again.
  6. Reservations with a Lock Code will not be allowed to be moved with this functionality.

New Sign On Screen

We’ve updated the Sign On screen in preparation for future development.


Guest Folio

An issue was reported that the Guest Folio was printing the internal facing Pricing Group name, not the Pricing Group name that the guest would see online. This has been corrected.

Occupancy & Revenue by Day and Occupancy Calendar Reports

Due to bugs with occupancy and PCN on these reports, work was done over the last few development cycles to update the logic used to build them. Updates were also made to run the data from our Virtual Data Warehouse (VDW) rather than directly from our transactional database. These updates included:

  1. We’ve started saving off past Occupancy and PCN by Site Class and Pricing Group into the VDW for both K1 and K2 data. We store the data as of yesterday in the data warehouse and run the reports from the warehouse rather than the reservation system. That means if a transaction is done today, it won’t be reflected in the data until tomorrow.
  2. We will maintain a rolling 2 years’ worth of data in the warehouse for these 2 reports.
  3. The Occupancy & Revenue by Day report will use the Site’s primary Pricing Group (rather than secondary use on Dual-Use sites) to be consistent with the occupancy shown on the Occupancy Chart.
  4. Each day, we will rebuild the last 7 days of site inventory to catch late Check Ins. That means the occupancy numbers from the past 7 days to the current day could change if you looked back.
  5. On the old report, Occupancy and PCN was shown on the day that the revenue was posted. This means that, for example, if a 5 night stay was posted, all the revenue associated with that stay would post on the date of arrival. An update was made so that the revenue would be spread out to its corresponding days.
  6. On the old report, if a guest moved between sites with different Pricing Groups, the Occupancy and PCN would be reported under the last Pricing Group the guest was on. An update was made so that the Occupancy and PCN will now show in the appropriate Pricing Groups for each part of the guest’s stay.
  7. In January, we started saving off the site inventory available each day. This means that if there were only 5 sites setup for a Pricing Group on January 1st but 6 more sites were added on the 15th, the reports will show Occupancy based on the accurate count for those dates. Additionally, if a new Pricing Group was added, we will only start showing it beginning on the date it was added; it will not show on dates prior to its creation.

Both reports have been updated to use the data from the warehouse which will result in better performance when running these reports.

  1. There should be no noticeable difference to the user on the Occupancy & Revenue by Day report other than the numbers being more accurate.
  2. For the Occupancy Calendar Report, we’ve added historical and projected future occupancy. Two new fields will now appear for each day on the calendar: “LY” to represent the occupancy and PCN for the same time last year.


Other Development


We’ve updated the KampStore so that Departments that are flagged as ‘Item Price Includes Tax’ will now work in the store. These items are typically charged a flat amount and the item price is calculated to adjust for the tax to come up to that flat amount.

Charge Codes with three decimals in the price

An issue was reported with charge codes that were setup to charge up to three decimal places in setup. They were being rounded to the second decimal place in the Stay Charges. This has been corrected.

Messages and Alerts

A minor enhancement has been added that will allow old campground Messages to be deleted. This will help to maintain your list of messages. Go to Operation Setup -> Text Setup -> Messages to see yours.

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