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March 26, 2019 Release

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Discount Updates

  • In preparation for Care Camp’s weekend, we’ve made several updates:
    • BOGO discounts will now be able to apply another discount to the ‘Buy’ portion of the BOGO in K2.
    • BOGO discounts will now allow the ‘Get’ portion to apply to the next night in date order rather than the cheapest night in the whole stay. The Setup change for this can be found in Discount Setup for a BOGO under the Calculation Rules.
    • Hot Deals can now be used with a VKR discount online.


  • We’ve made an update to the KampStore that when an item that uses the Keypad has been chosen but not added to the cart, we disabled the Payment buttons. This will prevent the user from taking a payment before they’ve added the item to the cart.
  • We’ve had the ability to setup items under departments that use the ‘Negative Pricing Mode’ which was most often used for Paidouts. With the updates this year to KampStore, it was discovered that our keypad wasn’t allowing the user to enter a negative number in the price field for these items. This has been corrected. We also will give an error message if the price the user enters is too big.


NEW! Meter Reading Report

  • The Meter Reading Report was designed as a tool to help you know when your meters need to be read.
  • It was designed to be printed out and used as a worksheet for campground staff to take out onto the park and read the meters.
  • The Report lists:
    • The Site number
    • A blank line for taking the meter reading
    • The last meter reading
    • The date of the last meter reading
    • The guest’s name
    • Departure Date
    • Reservation Number
  • It comes with three options:
    • Reading Due Today
      This option will list all reservation On Site who don’t have a meter reading within the last 30 days. The report shows the last meter reading on that reservation and the date so it will be easy to determine which ones need to be read.
    • Reservations Arriving Today
      This option will show Long Term Stay reservations that are scheduled to arrive today. This will allow the campgrounds to grab the meter reading of the empty site before check-in time so that they can enter the ‘initial meter reading’ at check in.
    • All On Site Reservations
      This option will show you every Long Term Stay reservation that is ‘On Site’ and the last meter reading that was done on that reservation.

Cashiers Summary For an Employee

This is an existing Accounting Report that shows the business activity for your employees for a date period. An update was made that will allow the user to select multiple employees at once when running the report rather than making them run one report at a time. The results will continue to be one report per employee selected.

NEW! Rate Your Stay Dashboard

The Rate Your Stay Dashboard is a new report for K2 with a format that we hope to use again for other areas. It is divided into three main sections:

  • Top Level
    • The top level of the report gives a quick overview of the campground’s standing with the Awards Scores. It shows
      • Your KOA’s NPS – the scores are calculated for the award period to date and compares where you sit this year to the same time last year.
      • System – the current System score is displayed so that you can see how your score relates to the overall System average score
      • Your KOA’s Award Status – this shows you the progress that you’re making towards award qualification. NPS + Overall Satisfaction = Award Score. There is a reminder of the Award qualifications next to your score
    • One of the most useful tools the dashboard offers is the ability to search the guest’s comments for specific terms. For example, you may want to see all the comments related to ‘restrooms’ to review for your planning. Whatever your search term is, the dashboard will search the survey results to show only those that contain the search term.
  • Filtering
    • The dashboard will only show the last 100 surveys by default, but clicking on the text “Showing Your Last 100 Surveys” will toggle to show “All Surveys in the Awards Period”
    • Additionally, the list can be filtered on site class: RVs, Accommodations, Tents.
  • Pie Chart Area
    • The pie charts are a good way to visualize the data and quickly identify Promoters, Detractors, and Passive responses.
  • Details Area
    • The Details area is a table with the actual survey results. Each record contains:
      • Survey Date
      • Site Class
      • Sat (Satisfaction score)
      • NPS
      • Res# (Reservation number)
      • Nights
      • Comment
      • Guest
      • Email Address
    • The table can be sorted by any of the columns by clicking on the column heading.
    • The table can also be filtered by any of the columns by right-clicking the column heading.
    • If you want to download the results, there is a link to download into a csv or Excel format.
  • Search
    • One of the most powerful functions of the dashboard is the search functionality. For example, if you wanted to find all comments relating to your restrooms, you could type in ‘restroom’ in the search field and the dashboard will display only those surveys that contain the word ‘restroom’ in the comments.

NEW! Rate Your Stay Analysis Report

  • This new analysis report was designed to allow the user to compare Rate Your Stay scores from one period to another.
  • It lists the NPS scores and number of surveys for both periods as well as point variance and number of survey variance.
  • There are breakdowns by Site Class, Length of Stay, With or Without Children, With or Without Value Kard, Source (Internet, Phone, or Walk In), Non-Group, US/Canada/Foreign. The user is able to add an additional layer by including Pricing Groups.
  • Many campgrounds closely follow their scores throughout the season and look for ways to improve them. This will be a useful tool to help them hone in on specific areas to troubleshoot.

NEW! Rate Plan Comparison Report

  • This new report is designed to compare rates from one short term rate plan to another.
  • It provides a closer look at the individual rates between two rate plans. For every Pricing Group, it lists a line for each Rate Group and shows the rate in period 1 compared to period 2.
  • It shows the user how many sites are included in the Pricing Group as well as how many days the site was occupied within each Rate Group period.
  • It provides a dollar variance as well as a percentage variance.
  • It will be one tool among many we hope to have in place to assist campgrounds with their revenue management and rate setting process.

Occupancy Analysis Calendar & Rate Group Calendar reports

  • Both of these calendar analysis reports rely on blended data from K1 and K2. Because of this, one of the notable features is that their calendars start with the closest Sunday. However, our date picker was allowing the user to select any day of the week which may have caused confusion. This has been corrected by requiring the user to enter a Start Date that is only a Sunday.

Other Development

K2 Setup

  • The number/amount fields in the Charge Code Setup, Short Term Rate Plans, and Long Term Rate Plans have been limited in length. This was done to correct a situation that was causing an error when the user tried to save the page they were on with too many numbers entered.
  • The field “Last Possible Internet Reservation Date” found in the Operations Details page was moved to the Calendar Rate Groups page and renamed “Last Internet Date”. This was done so that updating that date would be easier and in a place that was more logical.
  • An update was made in the Short Term Rate Plan Setup to change the order that the Pricing Groups display in the screen. They will now show by site class (RV, Accommodation, Tent, Other) and then alphabetically.


  • We made an update to fix the data that is being sent to Tempest for fields that are showing on the Confirmation Email. The issue of bad formatting in those fields was causing only a portion or none of the text to show on the Confirmation Email for Confirmation Notes or Cancellation Policy.

System Check

  • An update was made to the System Check for the ‘Unbalanced Transactions’ category. Previously, it only showed transactions within the last two weeks. It now shows all transactions that are unbalanced.

K1 to K2 Migration

  • We are currently at 170+ campgrounds on K2!

Future Development

  • We continue to focus on Charge to Site and Dual Use Sites to make our deadline for release by the start of regular season.

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