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March 30, 2021 Release

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Pickup Report Corrections

Several items that were reported on the Pickup report were corrected this sprint. They include:

  1. The ‘Occupied %’ total is a calculated percentage found by dividing the ‘Occupied Count’ by the total ‘Possible CNs’. It is expressed as a whole number (no decimals) but should have been following rounding rules, which it was not. This has been fixed.
  2. The ‘Revenue’ total sums all rows in this column and should be expressed in a dollar amount with two decimals. This field was updated to accommodate numbers into the millions.
  3. In the ‘Change Amounts’ section, the ‘PCN Change’ should be a calculated field that is determined by subtracting the total period 1 PCN from the total period 2 PCN. It had been calculating incorrectly and this has been fixed.

Other Development


A minor update was made in the KampStore to correct the way the spinning ‘busy indicator’ was showing up on the screen. It was showing with a black background making it look clunky. It was updated to be transparent.

Value Kard Rewards becomes KOA Rewards

This February, Marketing announced changes in the Value Kard Rewards program. Beginning March of 2021, the program name will change from KOA Value Kard Rewards to KOA Rewards. This change will allow us to focus on the core KOA brand and emphasize the rewards that come with choosing to camp with KOA. Click here for more information.

In response to this name change, K2 has been updated to replace the old name with the new. This sprint, terminology was updated on K2 reports and on email templates used by KOA.com.

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