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March 5, 2019 Release

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Highlights for the latest K2 udpates

This release focused on several areas that needed to be shored up in K2. They included:

Long Term Stay

  • We’ve updated the pop-up screen when the user clicks on a long term reservation so that the ‘Payments’ button was moved to the left and colored teal. A teal colored button indicates to the user the next step the system is expecting you to take in the process. Identifying ‘Payments’ in this way will help the user get to the correct area – and take the correct next step – when receiving a payment for the long term guest.
  • The ability for a user to use the Meter Reading button in the Long Term Stay form has now been tied to the Long Term Stay security role in addition to the Operation Administrator role. This means that you can allow staff who enter the meter readings access to the meter reading button without having to give them Admin access to the entire software.
  • When the Arrival or Departure dates were changed on an Up Coming long term reservation, the charge dates in the Stay Charges were not being updated. This was causing some reporting issues on the Occupancy & Revenue report and other areas. This has been corrected.
  • When an On Site long term guest changes their Departure date to the future, the system needs to recalculate their Stay Charges to add the new additional time period. There was an issue where the payment for the current month was not being recognized. This has been corrected. Note: Some of you may be familiar with a work-around that we have suggested for this issue in the past – the ‘penny in/penny out’. This will no longer be necessary in most cases.


  • We’ve restricted the number of digits allowed in the payment ‘Amount’ field to prevent entering in a payment amount that would not realistically happen. It was originally reported in a store transaction where a store clerk read a bar code into the payment field. However, the field restrictions were put into place wherever the Payment modal is used.


  • Operations Summary Report
    We fixed an issue that was causing an operations balance when the VKR discount was used on the ‘Other’ site class type.
  • Guest Activity Report
    We added updates to fix the ‘miles out’ calculation for this report which resulted in more accurate miles for both US and Canadian zip/postal codes.
  • Site Report
    Updates were made the Site report to more accurately assess whether or not a site shows on KOA.com as well as some general formatting cleanup.

Other Development


  • An update was made for the messaging we send to KOA.com when a guest’s equipment length doesn’t meet the Minimum or Maximum lengths required. This replaces generic messaging and was meant to help the guest understand what to do next.
  • An update was made to ensure that the Reservation Confirmations emailed from KOA.com look the same as those sent from K2 when the reservation is made at the front desk. There were some discrepancies that have now been corrected.

Booking Chart

  • An update was made to one of the smaller pop-ups in the Booking Chart that was discovered when moving a long term reservation between Pricing Groups. If the ‘Edit Reservation’ button was clicked in the pop-up, it would take the user to the short term reservation form instead of the long term form. This has been corrected.

K1 to K2 Migration

  • We currently have over 150 campgrounds on K2!
  • There was a minor bug in migration when discounts were moved from K1 to K2. The migration was setting all discounts to be ‘Public’ (available for use on KOA.com). This issue has been corrected.


  • We addressed an issue with importing in KampStore items from QuickBooks when the campground uses QuickBooks to track inventory. One of the Pricing Mode flags was being set incorrectly. This has been corrected.
  • We addressed another issue with importing KampStore departments from QuickBooks when a campgrounds uses the KampStore to track inventory. This correction properly imports new departments and inactivates departments that have been inactivated in QuickBooks.


  • An update was made to lock down the Reservation Notes that come from KOA.com for Pets/Slideouts and Special Request text when the guest makes the reservation online. We made them un-editable in K2 to preserve the context of the note the guest made.
  • There was an issue that when the user edited a charge to be zero and then later edited the reservation, that charge would get re-estimated at full charge. This has been corrected.


  • In the main Pricing Group setup summary screen, we added a column to show the Tax Table override for each Pricing Group. This came as a suggestion from campgrounds who are reviewing their setup – it makes it easier to see without having to click into the details of the Pricing Group to get that information.
  • We removed several fields from the Text Field setup screen that were not being used. These fields were not wired in to show anywhere. The fields removed include: Group Text, Notes Text, Registration Text, and Site Information Text. Once these fields have been reviewed and wired into whatever areas they belong, they will be reintroduced.
  • In Site Setup, we removed a button to ‘Change Multiple’. The functionality was originally designed to assist with setting up multiple sites at a time but it was not working as users expected. It will be reviewed and reintroduced at a later time.
  • There was a bug in the Gift Card sales menu that allowed a card to be sold for less than the amount required. It was recently introduced and not a common occurrence. This has been corrected.


  • We’ve updated the search field in the VKR menu which will now allow the user to search for VKR numbers that include five digits. Previously, the system recognize five digits as a zip/postal code.
  • We’ve updated the VKR menu to display both the ‘Renew’ and ‘Refund’ options when the VKR number qualifies for both. Previously, if the card qualified for both, the system would only show the ‘Renew’ button causing the campground to have to call into the Home Office to have the card refunded.

Future Development

  • We are beginning development on the Charge to Site functionality.
  • We are working on providing Testing Environments for every campground.

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