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March 9, 2021 Release

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Reservation Comparison

With the updates we did last release on the Pickup Report and the Occupancy & Revenue by Day report for Unclaimed Group Reservations, we identified a related issue with the Reservation Comparison report. It, too, was not correctly reporting revenue associated to Unclaimed Group Reservations. This has been corrected. We’ve updated the program that builds this report to build out the Estimated Charges for Unclaimed Group, short term reservations based on the Pricing Group rates in place for the time period. These estimates will be used for reporting until the site is claimed and new Estimated Charges are built.

Reports with “All” choice

Previously on the Operations Recap Detail Download; the Occupancy Graph, and the Pickup Report, the ‘Select Pricing Group’ report option included a checkbox for “All”. This was removed because it was felt that it was redundant with the ‘Check All’ option at the top of the list box. However, with the removal of the “All” option, the first Pricing Group in the list was selected by default. This minor update will remove the default checkbox on the first Pricing Group to allow the user to make a selection first.

Other Development

Value Kard Rewards becomes KOA Rewards

This February, Marketing announced changes in the Value Kard Rewards program. Beginning March of 2021, the program name will change from KOA Value Kard Rewards to KOA Rewards. This change will allow us to focus on the core KOA brand and emphasize the rewards that come with choosing to camp with KOA. Click here for more information.

In response to this name change, K2 has been updated to replace the old name with the new. The new name will go into effect in K2 on March 9 – but please note that reports may still show VKR for a time period following that date until everything can be updated.

Season Dates

A minor update was made to the Season Dates setup page. Help text was added at the top of the screen to remind users that there may be additional setup steps needed to allow guest to make reservations online.

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