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May 19, 2020 Release

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Calendar Date Picker

An issue was discovered with the date picker available in many reports. If the user selected the calendar button to select the date, the full calendar was not showing in the model resulting in the user having to scroll to see it. This has been corrected.

Guest Activity Report

An issue was reported that when we added the ‘Cancellation Reason’ column to the report, merged cells were also introduced back into this report when exporting to Excel, causing difficulties for users to sort the data. This have been corrected.

Cancellation Report

Similar to the Guest Activity report, an update was made to the Cancellation Report prevent merged cells in the downloaded versions.

Other Development

KampStore Receipts

A request was made to add the Purchase ID to the top of the receipt. Currently, it shows the Transaction number which more of an internal identification number. By adding the Purchase ID, the transaction is searchable in the KampStore purchases area.

System Check

In our last release, we gave the user the ability to inactivate Discounts however, they were still showing in the System Check, which caused some confusion to the user. This has been corrected.

Calendar Rate Groups Update

Holidays were updated and will show if selected through the year 2030.

Setup Messages Date Picker

Another area that had an issue with the date picker was in the Messages Setup. Previously, if the user click on the calendar to select the date, it would only allow the current date to be chosen. This has been corrected.

Behind the Scenes

As our development team continues to work from home due to the shelter in place orders across the country, we continue to develop towards our roadmap items. Much of what was accomplished this last development cycle was ‘behind the scenes’.

  1. COVID 19 response
    Much time and effort was spent responding to the data needs of our company to assist in Cancellation analysis and business forecasting. We will continue to focus our attention to crucial data needs as well as planning for some improved functionality and screen flow that will help the check in process.
  2. Guest Database redesign
    Another area that has been worked on behind the scenes is the design and architecture of a new guest database. These changes are desired to position KOA to be more engaging over the entire life cycle of the guest. The changes are being worked incrementally to avoid interruptions to daily operations.
  3. ZINGLE (Guest Engagement Messaging design)
    We have been working on the design and implementation of an integration with Zingle, which will provide the ability to engage the campground to communicate with guests via text messaging. It will be based on triggered events, such as check in. For more information, see “Zingle|Guest Text Messaging Now Available!” on eKamp.

After Hours Support

The KOA Home Office staffs our Support department 7 days a week and summer hours have just gone into effect [M-F: 7am-7pm, Sat: 9am-6pm, Sun: 12pm-5pm]. Support can be reached with a phone call to 800-548-7104 press 2 or via email at k2help@koa.net. We have an emergency number to call for issues that must be handled immediately during off hours, such as credit cards not processing. More information can be found on eKamp.

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