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May 7, 2019 Release

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KampStore Updates

  • An update was made to the KampStore pop-up coming from the reservation form. When an item that requires the keypad to be used, the ‘Continue’ button will be disabled until the user either adds the item to the cart or they click ‘Cancel’.
  • An update was made to allow users with the proper authority to view and correct transactions that are Open or Unbalanced. Previously, transactions in some scenarios were not accessible from the Purchase History screen and required a call to Support to correct. With this correction if you notice an Open Transaction on your Ops Recap, you should be able to go into KampStore Purchase History, find the transaction, and complete it so that it posts correctly.
  • An update was made for a very specific issue: The user adds items to a cart; takes a partial credit card payment that successfully processes; then abandons the cart by clicking out of the page. The sale goes into the ‘Open’ pill of the Purchase History page. The system now enables the “Previous” credit card radio option to work when a KampStore purchase is in an Open status and the user is now able to re-use the credit card information to process the remaining payment so that the Open balance can be corrected.


NEW!! Unpaid Charge to Site
With our last release, we introduced the Charge to Site functionality. This report will help support that functionality at the front desk.

  • It was designed to allow you to get a quick list of guests who have outstanding CTS balances. Since a guest cannot be checked out until the balance is paid for, it is a ‘checklist’ report to ensure each guest is settled up.
  • The report includes:
    Guest Name | Site Number | Departure Date | Unpaid CTS Amount | Reservation #

Updates for Charge to Site

We’ve made some updates to existing reports for Charge to Site:

  • The Long Term Charges Due report ‘Total w/tax’ field will now include any outstanding CTS balances.
  • The Departures report will now show a “$” in front of the guest’s name to indicate an outstanding CTS balance.


Charge Code Analysis

  • By special request, we’ve added a report option to the Charge Code Analysis report that will allow the user to filter by the major site classes: RV, Accommodation, Deluxe Cabins, Camping Cabins, Tent, or Other.

Occupancy Analysis Calendar

We have updated the look and styling of this existing report. If you’ve never looked at this report before, it’s a great snapshot of your Occupancy and PCN shown by Rate Group on the calendar. Each day contains:

  • Color coding for the Rate Group that matches the colors used in the Rate Calendar setup
  • Current/actual occupancy for that day
  • PCN for that day
  • Average occupancy for that Rate Group in the report period
  • The calendar will also show you what days are up and what days are down with arrows

Dual Purpose Sites

With the release of Dual Purpose sites, we’ve updated the following reports to show charges in the area that the site was actually USED. For example, if a dual purpose RV or Tent site was used as a Tent, charges would be reported under the Tent section of the report.

  1. Daily Transaction Report
  2. Operations Recap
  3. Operations Recap Detail Download
  4. Operations Summary
  5. Business Analysis Charts
  6. Guest Activity Report
  7. Income Analysis
  8. Rate Your Stay Analysis
  9. Rate Your Stay Dashboard
  10. Revenue Analysis
  11. Site Revenue Analysis
  12. Guest Folio

Value Kard Rewards

This release includes two changes that were made by the Value Kard department. These program changes are discussed in more depth on eKamp.

  1. The amount Value Kard Rewards Certificates that a guest can used at any one time will be capped at $50.00 rather than $100.00.
  2. When considering if a VKR card is refundable, the system looks at the time since the purchase and the number of points acquired. This has been changed. The system will now only allow the card to be refunded if it has not been used on a stay and is in the timeframe allowed for a refund.

Other Development


  • An update was made when importing or updating the Chart of Accounts into K2. The import program will now replace the existing Chart of Accounts rather than appending it.
  • We’ve corrected an issue with account mapping on Discounts. You should now be able to map at the highest level of the discount and have that work for anything underneath that level.

Gift Card

  • An important update was made in the Gift Card sales screen and the payment modal where a Gift Card is used for payment. The Gift Card graphic will now show balance of the card in the currency of the campground. For example, if you are a Canadian campground, the balance on the card will show in Canadian funds. We’ve also added an icon that will toggle the balance between USD or CAD funds for quick reference.


  • There was a bug that occurred in some situations where the total amount of the discount used for the reservation was not reporting correcting on the emailed Confirmation (it was charging correctly, just not listing correctly on the confirmation). This has been fixed.
  • An update was made to add reservation notes to the emailed Confirmation. Reservation notes flagged with “Print on Confirmation” will now print in the Campground Information section of the email Confirmation. Multiple notes will print in chronological order, most current on top.
  • If you select to have a copy of the guest confirmation email delivered to your campground’s Return Email address in Operations Setup, the system will now send the copy to the Return Email address rather than the campground Contact Email address.
  • There was a bug that caused the VKR tax to be reported in the Deposit Paid amount on the confirmation and should not be. It should only show in the Total Paid with VKR Purchase amount. This has been corrected.


Long Term Stay

  • There was an issue with enforcing tax rules when the user manually edited charges resulting in unwanted tax charges. This has been corrected.

Minor Guest Widget Update

  • There was a minor change made to the Guest Widget when the user clicks ‘Choose New Guest’. Previously, the guest that’s being replaced would still show on the screen, which was confusing to the user. This has been corrected and the old guest will no longer appear.

Short Term Rate Plan Setup Update

  • An update was made to the Rate Plan setup screen. Inactive Rate Plans will now be pulled out of the list and put in their own tab.

KampStore Item Setup

  • When completing an edit of a store item in setup, the system would return the user to the first page of the list of items instead of the last page the user was on. This has been corrected.


Stock Floor Plans in Pricing Group Setup

  • In the Pricing Group Setup screen, there is an option to assign a Stock Floor Plan to the Pricing Group. However, there was a bug that was preventing the selected floor plan from being saved. This has been corrected.


Future Development

  • French Text for guest receipts
  • Account Billing

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