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November 1, 2018 Release

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Cool updates to the Payment Modal!

What is the ‘Payment Modal’ you may ask? It’s the thing you use every time you take a payment, whether in the store, a reservation, or purchasing a Value Kard. Aside from updating the look and feel of this key tool in K2, it will help pave the way future improvements, such as KampStore for example. The new Payment Modal was designed with user’s flow through the screen in mind. It is important to mention that all functionality remained the same, just the look and feel of the screen has changed.

  • The Amount Due and Balance fields were made more prominent so that they would be clearer to the user.
  • We’ve made the Payment buttons larger so they are easier to see on screen and are a step towards making our screens more touchscreen friendly.
  • The Payment buttons are displayed in alphabetical order for the first five payment types. The Other button lists the remaining payment types in alphabetical order in a drop-down.
    COMING SOON!! – We are currently developing a way for you to customize the order of the payment buttons!
  • The Cash payment type was designed for quick transactional interactions adding the denomination quick buttons.
  • The Gift Card payment type offers the ability to check the balance that’s left on the card and displays the card on the screen. There is a printer icon in the bottom corner of the image that will print a balance receipt for the guest.
  • Credit Card expiration date fields were updated for faster entry. Instead of navigating two separate drop-downs for the expiration month and day, the user can now quickly key the expiration date information into one field.

Gift Card sales page update

The Gift Card sales page has been updated with a new look and feel that will lay the foundation for future updates in other areas. The functionality remains the same.

  • Look up a Gift Card balance quickly and easily by typing in a card number and clicking ‘Check Balance’. A graphic of the card will display along with the balance information.
    REMINDER: There is a print icon right in the image that will allow you to print a balance receipt for the guest.
  • Purchase a Gift Card by entering in the Gift Card number and the amount. As you enter one line, an additional line will display which will allow you to sell more than one card at a time.
  • The right side of the screen displays the ‘shopping cart’ with the running balance of the cards being purchased. To take a payment, click on the Pay Now button to display the new Payment Modal.
    Note: this Payment Modal for Gift Cards only allows payment by credit card, which is a requirement of the Gift Card program.


NEW Report

Introducing the Operation Summary Report! This new report was designed to be a condensed version of the Ops Recap – an easy one page way to view your operation and a simple way to get to your business results for the day or a time period. It can be run for today or days in the past, not the future.

  • The report is divided into sections: Registration, Other Charges, Payments, Daily Activity, and Cash Balancing. Here are just a few highlights:


  • Unlike the Ops Recap, the revenue will be listed by Pricing Groups rather than by the system pre-defined buckets. The order of appearance is by site class RV, Cabin, Tent and then alphabetically by Pricing Group.

Operations Balance

  • The overall totals will match between this report and the Ops Recap, as will the Operations Balance.

Daily Activity

  • This section adds information about your reservation activity for the day.
    Note: this section is only included on the report if you run it for the current day. Running the report for days in the past will not include this section.

Cash Balancing

  • This section shows the Cash Balancing activity for the day.
    Note: You must be using and maintaining Cash Balancing for this section to appear on the report. Cash Balancing can be access through Operation Setup -> Accounting -> Cash Balance.

Page Two

  • If you have any Open Transactions for the day or time period, they will be reported on a second page.

Other updates

  • An error was corrected in the Guest Folio report to fix an issue of missing information when the report was run in the Summary format.
  • In the reservation forms, the “hamburger” options icon in the upper right corner of the form were reordered and put in alphabetical order for easy reference.
  • Several small setup issues were corrected:
    • Pricing Group setup – fixed error message when inactivating a Pricing Group with sites still assigned to it
    • Equipment setup – Site usage modal is now shown in alphabetical order
    • Site setup – we added a check for duplicate site numbers when reactivating a site
    • Long Term Rate plan – corrected the display order of LTS rate plans migrated from K1 into monthly order to ensure the calendar month names are appearing in correct order.
    • Additional Questions (UDF) setup – we added an error check that will not allow the TYPE of question to be edited if the question has already been used in a reservation.

Guest Search Improvements

The team is working diligently to make it easier and quicker for you to find your guests’ names. Below are some tips to help at the front desk.

  • The best searches are:
    • VKR number
    • Phone number
    • FirstName LastName Zip
  • AVOID these searches:
    • Avoid searching a single character such as “a”. This will cause the search to churn as it tries to aggregate every guest with the letter “a” in their name.
    • Avoid using the words “No Code” or “NC” in place of the zip code. In the K2 world, it will likely slow the search down. If you don’t know the zip code, just search for the first and last name.
    • Avoid using parenthesis, dashes, or spaces when searching for a phone number and do not include a “1” at the beginning of the number. For example, “(406) 254-7480” or “406-254-7480” or “406 254 7480” or “1-406-254-7480”. The most effective way to search for a phone number will be to condense all of the numbers together: “4062547480”.
    • When including the Zip Code in the search terms, avoid using the “Zip +4” format.
    • Do not try to combine a FirstName LastName search with a VKR or Phone number search. For example, “Oscar Snyder 4062547480”. Use VKR or Phone number searches separately.
  • Other helpful tips and things to know about Guest Search:
    • If you enter a single name in the search field, the search will assume it’s a Last Name.
    • If you enter two names in the search field without any punctuation, the search will assume the first of the two names is the First Name and the second of the two names is the Last Name.
    • You can search for the Last Name first followed by the First Name however, the search terms should be separated by a comma or a forward slash. For example “Preston, Paula” or “Bachman/Sarah”. The punctuation is interpreted as LastName first and then FirstName.
    • Searching for a husband and wife may work if there is an exact match in the database, provided that you spell the names correctly. If the search takes a long time or completely stalls out, try to search for only one of the spouses’ First Names with the Last Name.
    • If you don’t get good results when searching for guests with hyphenated last names, try searching the First Name with just one of the Last Names.
    • Common names can cause lengthy searches. For example, “John Smith” will likely take a long time. When a guest’s name seems to fit this category, try to get more information like the Zip Code or a Phone number.
    • If a search takes a great amount of time or stalls out after a couple of tries, your search terms probably need to be adjusted or the guest simply isn’t in the K2 Guest Database. Look at your search terms to see if you can be more specific.

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