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November 12, 2019 Release

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Additional Required Fees

Many users have asked for the ability to have additional fees push to KOA.com so they can be included during the reservation process. For example, your campground may want to charge a resort fee for every reservation or a linen fee for deluxe lodging. With this release, users now have the ability to associate specific Additional Required Fees with reservations by Pricing Group.

Whether at the front desk or on KOA.com, Additional Required Fees will create a charge for the reservation based on the charge code setup.

To setup, navigate to the Pricing Group setup screen and select one of your Pricing Groups for edit. You will see a new section called “Additional Required Fees”. Click ‘Edit’ to add charges.

A new modal will appear titled “Additional Required Fees”. In the lower portion is a drop-down with a list of all available charges codes. Click the charge code you want to add.

Add as many charge codes as you want, but keep in mind that each code’s description will show in the charge detail on KOA.com. Click ‘Save’ when you done.

The additional fees that you selected will be easily seen in the section of the Pricing Group setup.

Why not just use Additional Questions (UDFs)?

  1. Additional Required Fees are not questions. For example, in most cases you’re not asking the guest “Do you want to pay a resort fee?” They are additional required fees that must be paid by the guest every time a reservation is made for that particular Pricing Group.
  2. Additional Questions (UDFs) do not flow to KOA.com.
  3. Additional Questions (UDFs) can only be defined at the Site Class level. For example, you may have a linen fee on some of your lodging, not all of them. Defining these at the Pricing Group level gives the best flexibility.

Some items that campgrounds setup as Additional Questions in the reservation form will no longer be needed. It is suggested that every campground review their Additional Question setup in lieu of this new functionality.

Updated error messaging for Minimum Stay

As a guest booking on KOA.com, I need clear wording as to why I’m unable to book when there is a Minimum Stay. Currently I’m given a Minimum Stay number of nights required message even if my nights are greater than that number if the campground has setup other rules such as ‘Stay must include…’ dates set. The messaging did not include that information so the guest cannot see those days. The message has been updated.


There were several report updates and fixes that went out with this release. They are highlighted below.

Guest Activity Report

  • Waitlist items were added to the report.

Guest Contact List Report

Several updates were made to the new Guest Contact List report.

  • There is a new report option under ‘Reservation Status’ to filter the report to only show Waitlist items.
  • Additionally, a column was added for the Site number.

KampStore Sales Report

There were a couple of bugs fixed for this release on the KampStore Sales Report

  1. When running the report for all items in the store even if there were no sales, the report was not showing the KampStore Department code. This has been corrected.
  2. There was an update made to the downloaded Excel version. Merged columns were eliminated for easier sorting and the pagination was eliminated so that the heading information doesn’t repeat throughout the data.

Other Development

eKamp link in K2

  • An update was made to add a link to eKamp. The link can be found under the username in the drop-down.

Checkbox sizes increased

  • The check boxes in the Check Out and Review menus were increased in size to be more compatible with smaller devices.

Confirmation email from K2 and ‘Other Charges’

  • An update was made to show the name of the charge code listed on the email Confirmation. Previously, they were shown as “Additional Charge”.

Long Term Stay campernight reporting

  • An update was made for the reporting of long term stay campernights. There was an issue when the guest was checked out with the Early Checkout functionality and a refund was given. The system was still counting the full month for campernights, not the shortened period of time. This has been corrected.

HotFixes Since the Last Release

A Hotfix is something that gets pushed into the software immediately after the issue has been identified and corrected. These fixes usually represent something that must be corrected quickly and cannot wait until the next software release date.

  1. Reservation form refresh (released on 10/22/2019) There was a minor bug introduced in the reservation form with the Waitlist functionality. When the user leaves the cancellation modal, the system checks to see if any Waitlist requests can be fulfilled. The payments area of the reservation form wasn’t being refreshed properly which was causing confusion for users. This was identified and swiftly corrected.


Future Development

  • Multi-Property Reporting Platform
  • Phase 1 Group Enhancements

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