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November 3, 2020 Release

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Discount Enhancements

We are excited to announce a few enhancements to Discounts that will offer some new possibilities and flexibility to discount setup.

Date Options

The “Arrive & Reserve Rules” discount setup option has been renamed “Date Options”.

Effective Date

The “Arrive Between Dates” option has been replaced with a new option called “Effective Dates”. In the past, the logic of the “Arrive Between Dates” created a problem for guests who may be staying several nights before a discount time period – the Big Weekend BOGO for example. Even though their stay may have included dates of the BOGO weekend, they weren’t getting the discount because their ARRIVAL date was not within the ‘Arrive Between Dates’ time period.

With “Effective Dates”, any night that falls within the effective time period will receive a discount regardless of the Arrival Date.

Rules to note:

  1. If both Start Effective Date and End Effective Date fields are used, the discount will apply on every night within the date span through the end date. For example, if the end date is set as 10/31/2020, the 31st is discounted, assuming no other discount rules prevent it.
  2. A Start Effective Date can be set with no End Effective Date which means that the discount never expires.
  3. If no Effective Dates are setup at all, the discount will be available for any date.
  4. Multiple effective dates can be set for a discount. For example, effective 1/1/20 thru 1/15/20 and 11/1/20 thru 12/31/20.
  5. Please note that the ‘Arrive Between Dates’ currently setup for your discounts have been converted to ‘Effective Dates’ with this release. There is nothing you need to do. However, we suggest reviewing your active discounts to ensure that they’re setup the way you want them to be.

Blackout Dates

A great new option was created that works hand in hand with the Effective Dates. A Blackout Date for a discount will allow you to setup a discount for a wide time period, but then gives you the ability to prevent the discount from being used for small time periods. For example, you may have a Fall Special discount that runs from October 1st through December 31st. However, you don’t want to allow the discount to be used over the Thanksgiving Day weekend.

Rules to note:

  1. When setting up a Blackout Date, a start and end date are both required.
  2. Multiple Blackout Dates can be setup for the same discount.
  3. At this time, there is no check for the Blackout Dates to make sure they fall within the Effective Date time period.

Number of Uses

In the past, K2 offered an option for the ‘Amount Off’ and ‘BOBO’ type of discounts that limited it’s use to one time or unlimited. This was too limiting for campgrounds who wanted to apply it for a certain number of nights instead of once or all.

We’ve opened up this option to be used with any type of discount and it can be found under the rule type “Discount Limits” by selecting the new option “Limit Number of Uses”.

Rules to note:

  1. If no number is set for number of uses, it means that the discount can be applied an unlimited number of times.
  2. If “1” is set for the number of uses, it means the discount can only be used once per reservation.
  3. The highest number of uses allowed is 366 times.
  4. The number of uses is counted within a single reservation, not across multiple reservations for the same guest.
  5. Note: The ‘One Time Use’ flag currently setup for your ‘Amount Off’ and ‘BOGO’ type discounts have been converted to ‘Limit Use’ with this release. There is nothing you need to do. However, we suggest reviewing your active discounts to ensure that they’re setup the way you want them to be.

Sample Scenarios

Below are some sample scenarios to help illustrate how these enhancements might be used.

Fall Promotion Discount

In an effort to drive their incremental business in the Fall, a campground sets up a percent off discount of 20%. They use Effective Dates of 10/1/20 thru 12/31/20. Any night of the guest stay that falls within that time period will receive a 20% discount.

Fall Promotion Discount, Exceptions Apply

Another campground likes the idea of a Fall Promotion but there is a time period during that promotion that they don’t want to give the 20% discount because of the demand … they do a Halloween weekend and their campground gets pretty packed for the activities. They added a Blackout time period for the discount for 10/29/20 thru 10/31/20.

Bounce-back Special

To drive repeat business, a campground wants to offer a special discount that gives the guest a rate of $20 per night. However, they want to limit the number of nights it can be used. They setup an ‘Amount Off’ discount for $20.00 and then add a Discount limit of 2 nights.

Booking Chart Enhancements

The Booking Chart has been enhanced to allow a campground to customize how the Sites column is displayed. This is used to easily identify Pricing Groups while working in the Booking Chart. No functionality in the Booking Chart was changed with this update, but the ‘Site/Class/PG’ column was widened to accommodate a customizable abbreviation and color for each Pricing Group.

Each campground will have to do some setup in order to use this new enhancement. Go to the Operation Setup menu and Pricing Group Setup. Edit each Pricing Group to add an abbreviation and a unique color.

You can add any abbreviation you want, up to six characters. The point is to make the abbreviations meaningful to your staff. The color coding will also help visually collect the sites in the Pricing Group together.


NEW!! Additional Questions Report

One of the most requested reports for K2 users is now available from the Operations report menu. The Additional Questions report will allow a user to:

  1. Select Arrival Start and Arrival End dates
  2. Choose the Reservation Status: Upcoming, On Site, Checked Out, Cancelled, or All
  3. Choose the Reservation Type: Short Term, Long Term, or All
  4. Choose whether or not to only include reservations with Additional Questions answered
  5. Choose up to 7 different Additional Questions to include on the report
  6. Optionally, choose to show the guest contact information to assist in marketing efforts

There are many ways this information can be useful to the user including following up on staff to make sure your important questions are being answered to using the information for planning.

Snapshot Report

With the release of the Report Experience and the new Snapshot Dashboard, the Snapshot report has been retired and moved out of the ‘Other’ report drop-down.

KampStore Sales Report

  • An update was made to the report for the SKU number. Previously, the report was cutting off the SKU number after 7 characters which created problems for users who were using the report for re-ordering product. The report has been fixed to show up to 30 characters for a SKU number.
  • A new report option was added to the KampStore Sales report called “KampStore Item Status”. This new option will allow the user to select items that are Active or Inactive or they can choose to run the report with All items. This new option will help to filter the report for more meaningful output.

Other Development

Clearing Cache after a Release

Good news! Every release to K2, we encourage users to clear the cache on their internet browser so that the new functionality will appear correctly on their screens. You will still need to clear cache with this release, but you will not have to for any future releases. This has been corrected.

‘Roof Top Tent’ Equipment Type

The list of available equipment in KampSight and K2 were standardized many years ago to provide consistency for the guest when they’re telling us what equipment they’re bringing to the campground. This standardized list seldom changes. As camping equipment changes, however, sometimes additions are needed. With this release, we’ve added ‘Roof Top Tent’. They have become a popular item and may need to be limited on sites based on overhead clearance, and in some cases, by law.

Setup changes will be needed to use this equipment type. (It was set to Inactive by default).

  1. Go to Operation Setup -> Reservation Setup -> Equipment
  2. Click on the ‘Inactive’ pill
  3. Locate the ‘Roof Top Tent’ equipment type and click on the button on the right “Activate”
  4. From Operation Setup, go to Site Management -> Sites
  5. For each site that will allow a Roof Top Tent, edit and add it as an optional equipment type.
  6. Double check the Max Lengths especially on Tent Sites when No Max length may have previously been setup.

Report Experience

  • An update was made to the Snapshot Dashboard from the Reports menu when it is viewed on an iPhone X. Elements on the screen were cut off. This has been corrected.
  • Several compatibility issues were addressed for reports on devices other than a desktop computer. However, not all issues have been fixed. For now, we recommend Chrome for desktop computers and mobile Android devices and Safari for mobile Apple products.

Reservation Number on Receipts

An issue was reported that the reservation receipts were printing the transaction number instead of the reservation number. This has been corrected.

Setup Screens Updates

Earlier this year, we made some changes to how list screens show Active and Inactive line items. The change was made to make it more clear to the user the action they would be taking by clicking on the button. This work was continued for the following areas to promote consistency:

  • KampStore Item Setup
  • KampStore Department Setup
  • KampStore Discounts
  • KampStore Kits/Deals
  • Short Term Rate Plans
  • Additional Questions
  • Referral Code Setup
  • Site Setup
  • Lock Code Setup
  • Charge Code Setup
  • Payment Type Setup

KampStore Express Items Setup

A minor improvement was made to the KampStore Express Item setup. Additional colors were added to the available colors palette for more choices to differentiate the Express Items buttons.

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