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October 1, 2019 Release

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The development team is currently focused on building the Waitlist functionality as well as a new Multi-Property Report landing page for future release, but there were several improvements highlighted below that will be released on October 1st.

Select My Site Now Available!

Select My Site is an integration between K2 and KOA.com that allows the guest to select the specific site they want during their stay on your campground. When Select My Site is released, it will be turned off. Campgrounds will need to turn on the functionality in order to use it. A site guarantee fee can be associated with the Select My Site, but it is not required. The fee amount is determined by the campground owner. Select My Site is not available for K1 (KampSight) campgrounds.

How it Works

In step 2 of the KOA.com reservation process, guests are provided a link titled “KOA Select My Site”. If you’ve setup a site guarantee fee, it will also show in the link.

Next, the guest will see a pop-up that includes an image of your site map so they can see the layout of your campground. Sites that are available for the date span of their reservation are listed on the left hand side. Clicking on one of the site numbers pushes the guest on to the next step of the reservation process with that site selected. It is important that the site numbering on your site map matches the site numbering set up in K2 so that the guests are not confused.

Guidelines for Select My Site

  1. Campground participation in Select My Site is completely optional and it can be turned on or off at any time with a setting in the campground’s Operation Setup in K2.
  2. If a campground opts into the functionality, all site inventory marked as available for reservation on KOA.com will be available for use with Select My Site. That means at this time, there is no way to designate some of your Pricing Groups for Select My Site but not others.
  3. The site map that the guest sees on KOA.com is not interactive; it is only an image of the site map. In other words, the sites on the site map are not color-coded to show the status of the sites for the time period. Interactive site maps may be considered for future development.
  4. In K2, the programming uses a Lock Code titled “Select My Site” to lock reservations that have been made with this functionality.
  5. A fixed charge code was added for the Select My Site guarantee fee titled “KOA Select My Site”. In our Beta test campgrounds, the fee was set at $20.00, but going forward, charging a fee is optional and can be set at whatever amount a campground chooses. As a registration type charge, the fee is royalty based.

NEW! Guest Contact List

Many K2 campgrounds utilize the Guest Activity report to pull guest information for email marketing, text messaging, etc. Unfortunately, the Guest Activity report often takes a long time to run especially for bigger time spans. This is because of the amount of data it pulls. We’ve had to make changes to reduce the impact on the server, such as limiting the report to day-old data.

The new Guest Contact List is a pared down report that only shows the fields that are important to guest contact. Most importantly, it can be run in real-time and will run much faster for larger time spans. The report is designed to be downloaded but it can be viewed on the screen. It will make preparing for your guest contacts much easier.

Options for the report include:

  1. Start date
  2. End date
  3. Reservation Status (Upcoming, On Site, Checked Out, or Cancelled)
  4. Site Class
  5. Type of Stay (All, Short Term or Long Term)
  6. Date Range Based On allows the user to specify which date associated with the reservation should be looked at in the date range. Choices include ‘Arrival Date’, ‘Departure Date’, ‘When Reservation made’, or ‘Cancellation Date’.

The fields included in the report include:

  1. Status of the reservation
  2. Arrival date
  3. Departure date
  4. Number of nights
  5. Reservation number
  6. Guest’s First Name
  7. Guest’s Last Name
  8. Address (two lines)
  9. City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code
  10. Country
  11. Two phone number fields, with designation of the type of phone number it is (Home, Mobile, or Work)
  12. Number of Kids
  13. Email address
  14. Miles Out calculation
  15. Site Class
  16. Date reservation was made


There were several report updates and fixes that went out with this release. They are highlighted below.

Cash Over/Short Report

The Cash Over/Short report was released on August 20th. As a reminder, it was designed to report on the ‘Cash Balance’ amounts found in Operation Setup under the Accounting section where you enter your cash balances for the day. It aligns with the ‘Cash Balance’ section on the Ops Recap, but can be run for multiple days. It is a great bookkeeping tool that can be used to help reconcile against your bank statement for cash/check deposits. Several updates were made to correct calculations and to bring clarity to the report.

Income Analysis Report

This report was updated to only show revenue totals at the bottom of the report rather that at the end of each page.

Site Grid Report

An error was reported with the occupancy calculation of this report that involved sites that had both a departure and arrival on the same date. The calculation was not counting occupancy for these sites for these days. This has been corrected. Additional updates were made to this report including:

  • The column that shows the site class was updated for the site class “A” for Accommodations. We appended the “A” with “DC” (Deluxe Cabins) or “CC” (Camping Cabins). This will help the user filter the column if they want to narrow down the data.
  • In the heading section, a line was added titled “Long Term” which will show the count of long term occupied sites.
  • For sites that are occupied by a long term guest, we’ve added the code “LT” next to the “O” for ‘Occupied’. This will make it easier to identify sites that are used for long term stays.
  • A legend was added to the top header that explains what each of the codes are on the report.
  • An error was reported about the heading section on the “Arrival | Depart” line. The counts in the far right column were not correct. This has also been corrected.

Other Development

Cancellation Email

  • An issue was reported regarding Confirmation Notes being included in the Cancellation email. Confirmation Notes are customizable by every campground but many campgrounds use these notes to communicate check-in and other pre-stay information. Including these notes on the Cancellation email was confusing to the guest. Confirmation Notes have been removed from the Cancellation email.

Guest Edit Modal

Updates were made to the Guest Edit modal to improve the look and feel, providing a cleaner view of the guest information at the top of the modal.

Gift Cards

An update was made to the Gift Card purchase that limits the number of cards that can be purchased in one transaction to ten.

System Check for Pricing Groups without Sites

There’s a System Check in place that identifies when a Pricing Group’s been setup but doesn’t have any sites assigned to it. However, it was giving false warnings for sites that were setup as Dual Use sites. The check was only looking at the site’s Primary Use Pricing Group, not the Secondary Use Pricing Group. This has been corrected.

Future Development

  • Waitlist
  • Multi-Property Reporting Platform
  • Phase 1 Group Enhancements

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