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October 10, 2018 Release

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ANNOUNCING Two New Analysis Reports!

We are excited to add two new analysis reports to our library.

Reservation Comparison Report

This great new report compares a snapshot of future for a current time period to the same time period for the previous year. The report can be run for 1 up to 12 months and compares:

  • The number of reservations (Count)
  • The number of camper nights (Nights)
  • The average PCN (PCN) – Optional
  • The Net Registration (Net Reg) – Optional
  • Other site types (Dry Storage, Other, “XC”) – Optional

Information is displayed by month and in sections: RV, Deluxe Cabin, Camping Cabin, Tent, and Other. Other options allow you to include Groups or Long Term reservations. The sections will include a Variance for each area as well as a percentage of change.

How do I use this Information?

  • This report is an enhancement to the default Reservation Analysis Report (KampSight 51,9) and adds Net Registration revenue.
  • It is generally used to compare current reservations on the books to the same time last year.
  • The information will help create a high level gut check about how your future business is looking so that you can make adjustments to drive more occupancy.

Special Notes:

• The core data for this report is only run once a week on Monday mornings. This is because of the amount of computer-power it takes to pull the numbers together from K1 and K2. It is considered a Snapshot report, not a Real-Time report.
• When looking at the current year, we are only considering FUTURE reservations with an Arrival date of the current Monday going forward and comparing them to reservations in the same timeframe last year.

Running the Report:

  • To run the report, go to the Reports Menu from the left menu bar. Click on the ‘Analysis’ reports button and choose “Reservation Comparison” from the list.
  • Select the number of months you want to compare. Valid options are 1 to 12 months.
  • Select the other options that you want to include in the comparison: Groups, Long Term, ‘Other’ Sites, or ‘Show PCN and Net Registration’.
  • Click ‘Generate’ to see the results.

Occupancy and Revenue by Day Report

This new report will prove to be very helpful for campgrounds for Rate Management. It will show Occupancy and Revenue for each day in the date range for each Pricing Group. There are additional columns that breaks out the overall Occupancy and Revenue into Short Term, Monthly, and Seasonal.
The only options for the report is the date span. Columns include:

  • Date
  • Week (week number of the year)
  • Site Class
  • Pricing Group name
  • Sites (total number of sites)
  • Occupied (number of sites occupied for that day)
  • % Occupied (percentage of sites occupied for that day)
  • Break out for
  • Short Term Occupied, Short Term Revenue
  • Monthly Occupied, Monthly Revenue
  • Seasonal Occupied, Seasonal Revenue
  • How do I use this Information?

    • This is report is more of a data download and corresponds with the data found in KampSight’s Occupancy Summary Download (51, 43).
    • Since this report can be run for the past or the future, it gives you a great tool to analyze past occupancy or future expected occupancy.
    • This report creates a foundation for advanced rate and occupancy optimization management tools to be developed in K2 in the future.

    Special Notes:

    • Since the report is built to anticipate Occupancy, it does not include Pending reservations (like ones held in a Group Site Block) or Hold nights.
    • If the beginning date of the date range is a day in the past, stays that are On Site or Checked Out will reflect their actual stay and charge data.
    • If the beginning date of the date range is today or a day in the future, stays that are Checked In will reflect their actual stay and charge data where stays are that Due to Arrive will use their estimated stay charge data.
    • The percent occupied number is a truncated number (not rounded) to give a whole number figure.
    • Occupancy is shown on the nights stayed. Revenue is shown on the date it was posted.
    • Short Term revenue shows NET Registration Revenue (gross – discount). It does not include taxes.
    • Monthly site designation is determined by the Rate Plan attached to the stay.
    • The Monthly revenue figure is a pro-rated daily amount based on the total actual charges for purposes of this report.

    Running the Report:

    • To run the report, go to the Reports Menu from the left menu bar. Click on the ‘Analysis’ reports button and choose “Occupancy and Revenue by Day” from the list.
    • Choose the date span and click ‘Generate’

    Other Updates

    • The team has been hard at work validating and improving the migration process between K1 and K2 in preparation for our conversion event at Convention. Migration consists of two separate processes: Setup Migration and Reservation Migration. Our focus has been on ensuring the processes are solid and that the data is accurate.
    • There was a small update that was added which now shows the Value Kards Rewards Certificate number (VKRC) in the payment line of the Payment widget.
    • We added Group access to the Front Desk default Security Group.
    • We added a Global Referral Code for KOA.com that will be visible in the Guest Information widget for any reservations that originated from KOA.com.

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