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October 13, 2020 Release

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This Release

As we finished up with the development of the Report Experience that was released on September 22nd, our team has been retooling for future projects. This release doesn’t have a lot to showcase to end-users, but we wanted to point out a couple of items that we’re pretty excited about!

KampStore Sales Report

With the release of the new reporting infrastructure, we were able to open up the KampStore Sales report to run for 366 days! For those of you who have wanted to run the report for longer periods of time to analyze your sales, now you can!

Zingle Integration

  • Guests with multiple reservations
    Zingle’s system does not allow for multiple reservations on a contact profile. Current rules dictate that the most recent import ‘wins’. If a guest has multiple reservations, the closest reservation to today is not always the one that ends up being associated with the contact profile for the guest. We’ve updated our feed to Zingle to pre-sort the reservations being sent so the most current is the one used.
  • Move from 10 day window to 90 day window
    An issue was reported that the Arrival Date for reservations already shared with Zingle through the feed (10 day window) are not being updated to Zingle if the date is moved beyond the 10 day window. With this release, we’ve updated the 10 day window to 90 days.
  • Same-Day Reservations
    When a campground using Zingle receives a reservation for an arrival happening later in the day, their Zingle account was not being updated with that new reservation so they were unable to send pre-arrival Zings to that guest. With this release, the 30 minute incremental update feed sent to Zingle will include same-day reservations.

Other Development

VKR purchased with KOA Gift Card
VKR program rules allow that a VKR card can be purchased with a KOA Gift Card, but K2 wasn’t allowing it. This has been corrected.

Report Experience Updates

  • An issue was reported that some ‘screen’ reports were not visible on mobile devices. This issue has been reviewed and a fix applied. However, we are researching several more issues related to browser types on various mobile devices and will share our findings at a later point in time.
  • An error was reported for a pdf output for several reports that were run over a long period of time. The reports would error out in the queue and not be produced. This affected Income Analysis, Deposit Liability, and the Ops Recap. Part of the issue has been resolved, but we are still researching for a solution to correct all situations this was happening in.
  • An issue was reported with the Snapshot Dashboard that Inactive sites with active site closures were being included in the metrics and sites closed in the current day were not being included. This issue has been corrected.

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