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October 22, 2019 Release

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eKamp Login

Beginning with this release, users can now log into eKamp using their K2 Username and Password! No further setup is required. K2 will pass the user’s security level to eKamp in a way that’s similar to how it was done in K1.

Waitlist Now Available

We are excited to announce that the Waitlist functionality is now available. It is easy to use and requires no setup. It allows a guest to be added to the Waitlist for a specific Pricing Group, not an individual site.

The ability to add a guest to the Waitlist is found in the Stay Information widget. After the availability search, the user clicks on a Pricing Group with zero availability.

  1. A modal will appear with the title ‘No available sites’ and asks ‘Do you want to add guest to the Waitlist?’
  2. If a guest has already been entered, clicking on ‘Add to Waitlist’ produces a new modal with the title ‘Add to Waitlist’. Enter the Expiration Date for the Waitlist request. Only dates between today’s date and the requested future date of Arrival will be accepted. Click the button ‘Add to Waitlist’ and it’s done! If a guest had not already been entered, an additional modal will appear first to choose the guest prior to adding it to the Waitlist.
  3. The Waitlist itself is found in the Review menu as a second tab across the top of the screen. As an added feature, you will also see badge counts on the tabs so you can quickly identify if you have something to review on each of the tabs. This number only counts the Active Waitlist requests, not the ones that have expired.
  4. The Waitlist screen will list all guests who have an Active request, meaning, the Waitlist expiration date has not arrived. The Search field can search on First Name, Last Name, Phone number and VKR number. Keep in mind that these entries are not real reservations. If a Waitlist request has already expired, it can be viewed on the ‘Expired’ pill in the upper right. A Waitlist item automatically moves to the ‘Expired’ pill on the expiration date.
  5. Clicking on the request will produce a peek modal specially designed for the Waitlist. It only displays the information important to contact the guest. Notes can be accessed from here and the number of notes is displayed.
  6. There are several actions that can be done for each of the Waitlist requests.

    • Convert to Reservation
      If a site becomes available and the guest wants to make a reservation, click on the ‘Action’ button and then ‘Convert to Reservation’. The Guest Information and Stay Information will be copied into a new reservation. If a site is not available, there is an option to convert to a reservation, but choose a new Pricing Group. For example, the guest may have been waiting for a Full Hookup Pull Thru site but a Full Hookup Backin site becomes available. If the user bails out of this process, the reservation reverts back to a Waitlist request.
    • Expire
      There may be times where it makes sense to expire the Waitlist request before the expiration date originally placed on it. For example, when the guest was contacted, they told you they had made a reservation at a different campground or their travel plans changed. This option will expire the Waitlist request and put it under the ‘Expired’ pill in the list.
    • Waitlist Notes
      Use this option to record notes from contact with the guest or additional special requests the guest may have. If the Waitlist request is converted to a reservation, these notes will be copied in as Reservation Notes.
  7. The user will be notified when they make a cancellation that frees a site that could be used to fulfill a Waitlist request.
    • If the user has to process a refund for the cancellation, the notification will just be a reminder so that the cancellation workflow will not be interrupted. The notification is just information to remind the user that the cancellation they just did freed up a site that may be filled by a Waitlist request. It does not automatically move the user to the Waitlist.
    • If the cancellation of a reservation does not result in a refund, the user will be given the opportunity to review the Waitlist as they’re completing the cancellation.
  8. When the user returns to the Waitlist, the list will show if there is now a site available in the column ‘Site Available’. It should be noted that if multiple sites become available that could fulfill the Waitlist request, only the first site that becomes available will show in this list.

Waitlist Guidelines

  1. Adding a guest to the Waitlist can only be done through the Short Term Stay reservation form. It cannot be done in the Long Term Stay form.
  2. If a payment has already been taken on a pending reservation, it cannot be added to the Waitlist.
  3. Guest Information is required when adding to the Waitlist.
  4. The Waitlist option will only display if there are ‘0 available’ for the Pricing Group in the Stay Information search.
  5. Once the Waitlist request has expired, it moves to the ‘Expired’ pill in the list. It can be restored to the Active list if the requested Arrival date is still in the future.
  6. There is no additional security levels to allow your users to work with the Waitlist. If they have access to the Review menu, they will have access to the Waitlist. (Reminder, the Review menu option is used to review reservations that were made online).
  7. There aren’t any reports specifically designed for Waitlist at this point. However, we will be adding Waitlist items to the Guest Activity Report and the new Guest Contact list in the near future.

Other Development

Account Billing and Penny Rounding

  • An error was reported when paying off an Account Billing balance when the campground is setup to use Penny Rounding. The system was producing an error message when the user applied the payment. This has been corrected.

Dual Use Site Setup

  • When Dual Use sites were introduced earlier this year, there was a restriction put on the Secondary Pricing Group had to be of a different site class. For example, the Primary Use Pricing Group site class was RV and the Secondary Pricing Group site class Tent. This restriction prevented one use, that of allowing a site to be rented as an RV Pricing Group for part of the season but serving as an On Site Storage Pricing Group for the other part of the season. This couldn’t happen since both Pricing Groups were RV site class. This restriction has been lifted for the RV site class.

Gift Card Sales screen

  • An update was made so that when there is an error with the Gift Card number entered or the amount, the ‘Pay Now’ button will be disabled until the error is fixed on the screen.

Group Reservation Edit screen

  • An update was made to remove the ‘Delete’ button out of the Master Account edit box and place it above on the right. This was done because users thought they were deleting the Master Account but the functionality actually deletes the Group Reservation and adds all unclaimed sites back into inventory.

Home Page

  • There was a bug on the newly released pop-over reservation notes. If the user clicked from one reservation to another, the pop-over was not disappearing. This has been corrected.


  • An error message was added in the KampStore Department setup screen that will display to the user if the Department Code is a duplicate


  • An update was made to increase the file size limit for uploading photos from 4MB to 15MB.

HotFixes Since the Last Release

A Hotfix is something that gets pushed into the software immediately after the issue has been identified and corrected. These fixes usually represent something that must be corrected quickly and cannot wait until the next software release date.

  1. Cash Over/Short report ‘Net Bank Deposit (released on 10/2/2019) There was an issue with the ‘Net Bank Deposit’ calculation. It was not including the cash over/short amount. This was corrected.

Future Development

  • Multi-Property Reporting Platform
  • Phase 1 Group Enhancements
  • Discount Enhancements

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