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October 26, 2021 K2 Release

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K2 Status Page

In the September 14th release, we updated the K2 Status page with a new look and feel. With this release, we’ve added a link from the “About Help” button on the menu bar.

Additionally, it can be found at the bottom of any article on the K2 Insider page.


Multi-Property Report: Accommodations Site Revenue Analysis

There was an enhancement made for this report which added a column to report the Kitchen site attribute to help identify the kitchen configuration for each cabin. Valid choices will show “Full Kitchen”, “No Kitchen”, or “Partial Kitchen”.

KampStore Sales Report

Exciting news for some! An important update was made which now allows the KampStore Sales report to be run for the current day.

Other Development

Screen Updates for Equipment Setup

There was a review the Equipment Setup screens to use more descriptive language and error checking so the user better understands the functionality. The following updates were made with that goal in mind:

  • Instead of “Additional Length”, users will now see “Buffer Length”
  • There is now an error check when saving the equipment setup to ensure the MAX Length of any allowed equipment is not greater than the Site Max Usable Length
  • There is now an error check when saving the equipment setup to ensure the MIN Length of any allowed equipment is not greater than the Equipment Max Length or the Site Max Usable Length.
  • When editing the Site Max Usable Length for the site, the system will automatically update the Equipment Max Lengths to match, giving the user a notice to review any custom lengths that may need to be adjusted.

Long Term Stay receipts with Charge to Site

It has been requested that the long term stay receipts show the Charge to Site balance when a Charge to Site payment is made so the guest knows the balance has been paid off. This was already happening with Short Term Stay receipts. This has been updated.

Mobile Compatibility for iPad/iPhone (Safari or Firefox)

A bug was found when using the ‘Back button’ when returning to the Select Operation screen from a campground or the Multi-Property page. The screens should load up and not get stuck on the username (login) section. This has been corrected.

KOA Rewards Purchase while Upcoming

An issue was identified when a guest purchases a KOA Rewards while their reservation was still in an Upcoming status causing issues with the Deposit amount.

The change that was made will ensure that the guest pays for their full KOA Rewards purchase even when that purchase is completed before check in and will prevent the user from refunding that KOA Rewards sales amount to the guest upon Cancellation.

KOA Rewards Warnings

Feedback identified an issue with the KOA Rewards warning messages not being visible when the widget in the reservation form is collapsed. With this update, those warnings will be visible to the user – they won’t need to open the widget to see the warnings.

Charge Code Setup

Issues with several reports were traced back to an issue with a Charge Code setup that was changed from a charge type “Other” to a charge type “Registration”. An update was made to prevent editing the charge type after the initial creation of the charge code is completed.

Security Group # of Users

The Security Group list screen has been updated to show the complete number of users attached to it by also showing those users who have been disabled.

Improve Remit Process for Manual Adjustments

We’ve removed the ‘Approve’ check mark as well as the ‘Rebuild’ icon when the system is currently running a rebuild so that the user cannot initiate a rebuild multiple times in error. We’ve had issues reported where the user approved the remit before the rebuild was complete and paid the incorrect amount due.

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