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September 1, 2020 Release

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Important Update for Credit Cards

Remove Credit Card

We’ve completed work on a popular request that allows an authorized user to remove a credit card (token) from a reservation to prevent it from being used in the future. There is a new security role called “Remove Credit Card For Future Use” that has been given to Administrators and Managers automatically. If you want other employees to have this ability, you will need to update the Security Group they’re in to add the role.

From the reservation peek modal or within the reservation itself, click on the Options drop-down and then “Remove Credit Card”.

In the ‘Remove Credit Card’ pop-up, select the card/cards that you want removed.

Notes for use:

  1. Removing the card does not remove the payment that the card was used for. It prevents the card from being used in the future on this reservation or from being copied to another reservation.
  2. Removing the card is a permanent action for the reservation you’re on. However, it does not remove the card across multiple reservations the guest may have.


Business Analysis Charts

A bug was reported for the Business Analysis Charts when using the report option ‘Region’. An error was causing some guest information to be counted multiple times if run for past dates. This has been corrected.

Another enhancement for the Business Analysis Charts for discounts that were setup with $0 discounts. They will now show in the charts. This change was also made to the Guest Activity Report.

Deposit Liability Report

An update was made to the Deposit Liability Report to show sub-totals by month and year. Previously, it was broken out by month, but if there were deposits that were taken in the same month but a different year, those were listed together. (For example, October 2019 and October 2020).

Income Analysis Report

Some minor issues were addressed with the Income Analysis Report. The Net Rev, PCN, and Nights variance fields were not calculating correctly. This has been fixed. Also, the formatting of negative numbers has been standardized throughout the report.

KampStore Sales Report

An issue was reported that the Department names were truncating (cutting off) due to the column width. It was causing issues for reporting. This has been corrected, allowing longer department names to wrap.

Pickup Report

  • Columns were unmerged on the spreadsheet download versions of the report
  • An issue was reported that the Revenue Change value was incorrectly showing blank when one of the comparison dates was blank. This has been corrected.
  • An issue was reported that the number listed in the “Possible CNs” column was incorrect if sites were moved between Pricing Groups between Date 1 and Date 2. This has been corrected.
  • An update was made to the ‘Daily’ option for reporting. Data will show on the report up through the last date of active reservation data, not a full two years. This will avoid pages of blank rows.

Daily Snapshot

An issue was reported where negative numbers were showing in the pie charts. It was discovered that overdue check outs were the cause. The report was fixed to not allow negative numbers.

Other Development

Reservation PIN Pad

The reservation payment process has been updated to actively check when a credit card has been approved on PIN Pad. The work around has been to refresh the browser if the PIN Pad says ‘approved’ but K2 has not recognized the payment is approved. This will no longer be needed and the browser will actively be checking for the approval.

Discount Setup

An issue was addressed when a user creates a new Discount, it was added to the Inactive list by default. This has been corrected so that it will be added to Active list instead by default.


An outstanding issue was reported where voided VKR sales were producing a line item in the IIF file unnecessarily. This has been corrected.

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