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September 10, 2019 Release

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Reassign Rates

We are excited to announce the completion of Reassign Rates for Short Term Stays with this release. It marks one of the last functionality sets that was a gap from K1 to K2. It’s easy to use and will allow you to update your reservations with updates you make to your rates.

From the Setup menu, go to the Rate Management category and click on “Rate Plans – Short Term”

Click on the new button titled “Reassign Rates”

A modal will appear with the title ‘Reassign Rates’. Fill out the following required fields:

  • ‘From Rate Plan’ – this is the name of the Rate Plan whose rates you want to replace in the reservations.
  • ‘New Rate Plan’ – this is the name of the Rate Plan that you want to copy rates from for your reservations.
  • ‘Site Class’ – this option allows you to narrow down the type of reservations that you want to update. ‘Accommodations’ for example.

The process begins with identifying WHAT reservations you want to update. There are several optional fields that will allow you to narrow down your search for sites. If you enter nothing, the system will find ALL the Upcoming reservations that were made using the ‘From Rate Plan’ name you indicated.

The following options are available:

  • ‘Pricing Group’ – the option will allow you to select one or more Pricing Groups. For example, maybe you just want to update the rates for your one and two room cabins. Note that only Pricing Groups that are in the Site Class you selected will be available to choose.
  • ‘Arrival From’ and ‘Arrival To’ – these date fields allow you narrow down your search to only include reservations that have an Arrival date that falls between the from and to dates you enter here.
  • ‘Reservation Creation From’ and ‘Reservation Creation To’ – these date fields allow you to narrow your search to only include reservation that were created within the date span you enter here.
  • Group Filter – This filter allows you to include groups in your search, exclude groups, or show only groups.

Once you’ve made your selections, click ‘Search Reservations’.

The system will return a list of reservations that will be affected by the rate update. You can review the list by scrolling and paging through it, however, you cannot pick and choose which reservations to affect with the update. If there are reservations you don’t want to include, click the ‘Change Parameters’ button at the top of the page to return to the previous page and narrow your search.

Once you’ve reviewed the reservations, click ‘Reassign Rates’ to continue.

The next screen will give you one last opportunity to verify the changes that you’re about to make. The system will show you a message that tells you what Rate Plan you’re going from and to and how many reservations will be affected by the change. Click ‘Yes, reassign rates’ button to begin the rate reassignment.

Updating rates may take an extended amount of time to process. K2 will display a status window to show you the process as its running. The status window will show you the percentage of reservations that have been completed, the number of reservations completed compared to the total, and the number of minutes that have elapsed so far. However, the process runs in the ‘background’, so you can click ‘Close’ and move on to other things.

You can return to the Rate Plan page at any time. You will see a ‘spinner’ next to the button ‘Reassign Rates’ that indicates the process is still running. You will not be able to start a new rate reassignment process until the first one completes. Clicking on the button while the process is running will cause the status window to reappear.

As each reservation is processed, the old rates locked to the sites are replaced with the new rates from the Rate Plan you designated. We’ve added an entry for the Reservation Log so if there is ever a question about the rate changing from the locked rate, you will have a tracking record.

There are several things to note with this functionality:

  1. The Reassign Rates functionality will only affect reservations that are Upcoming. It will not update reservations that are already On Site, Checked Out, or Cancelled.
  2. The reassign rates works to update the rates of the SAME Rate Plan when the rates have been updated or from an old Rate Plan to a new Rate Plan.
  3. A reassign rate process is considered ‘irreversible’. However, nothing would prevent you to run the process in ‘reverse’ to change all the reservations back to the old rate if you choose, assuming your updates were not a refresh of the same Rate Plan.
  4. The Reassign Rate process is currently only available for Short Term rate plans. Future development will consider the functionality for Long Term.

Long Term Stay Confirmations

A great update that was completed for this release was the addition of a Long Term Stay email confirmation.

  • When a Long Term reservation is made, the system will automatically email out this confirmation, provided that an email address has been provided for the guest.
  • An option was added to the Long Term reservation form that will allow you to resend the confirmation at any time.
  • Additionally, a new text box was added to Setup -> Text Setup -> Text Fields called “LTS Confirmation Notes”. This new text box allows you to spell out any specific cancellation notices, etc. for your Long Term guests.
  • The email itself includes:
    • Guest contact information
    • ‘Your Campsite’ section, which identifies only the Pricing Group information, not the specific site.
    • ‘Reserved’ information – shows the Arrival and Departure dates used for the reservation.
    • ‘Reservation #’ – the reservation number on your campground
    • Charges breakdown – shows the individual months of the stay with their charges. If additional charges have been added, they will show also.
    • ‘Estimated Total for Your Stay’ – shows the total amount for the entire Long Term stay.
    • ‘Reservation Deposit Amount Paid’ – will show the amount of deposit that has been paid towards this reservation.
    • Lower down in the Confirmation, the notes that you enter in the ‘LTS Confirmation Notes’ in text setup will print under the heading ‘Reservation Cancellation Guidelines / Campground Information’


KampStore Sales Report

  • A minor update was made on this report to widen the columns for the KampStore Department and the Item field to accommodate longer names.

Other Development

Same Day Early Checkout

  • An update was made that corrected an issue with checking out a guest after the One Hour Guarantee time frame, but still on the same day as check in. The issue was preventing the site from being re-rented.

Hover for Reservation Notes on the Home screen and the Booking Chart

  • An enhancement was made to provide quick pop-up for Reservation Notes on the Home screen and in the Booking Chart. The user can click on the ‘notepad’ icon to see the last three Reservation Notes. Because of the size, the view is limited to the first 250 characters of the note.

Updates to the Reservation Log

  • Updates were made to the Log in the reservation forms to bring more clarity to the entries. The following entries were updated:
    • Guest ID & Guest History ID – The actual guest name was added for easy reference.
    • VKR Purchase ID – The Value Kard number was added to the purchase reference.
    • Equipment – The actual name of the Equipment type was added in addition to the equipment’s reference number.
    • Pricing Group – The name of the Pricing Group was added in addition to the Pricing Group’s ID number.
    • Rate Plan – The name of the Rate Plan was added in addition to the Rate Plan’s ID number.
    • Referral – The name of the Referral was added in addition to the Referral’s ID number.
    • The screen shot below shows some examples of how these updates look in the Reservation log.

‘No Slideouts’ on the Confirmation Email

  • A bug was fixed on the email Confirmation when it was resent from K2. The problem was causing the words ‘No Slideouts’ to appear on the Confirmation when they should not. This has be corrected.

System Check Updates

  • The System check was enhanced to separate out the actionable items that are just informational. There are new ‘pills’ in the upper right that separate out the System Check items. Note: no changes were made to the existing System Check categories, just how they are organized on the screen.
    • ‘Actionable’ are items that you should review and possibly make changes to fix or correct. For example, if you see any Unbalanced Transactions, you should review them to correct.
    • ‘Informational’ are items that are just there for your information. For example, you may see the item ‘Photos without Captions’. Captions are good to describe your Pricing Group photos, but they aren’t necessary.
    • ‘All’ list both type of items together in one list. The teal colored blocks are Actionable and the white colored are Informational.

Future Development

  • Select My Site is in Beta Testing at two campgrounds
  • Waitlist

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