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September 19, 2018 Release

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New K2 Roadmap site

We are committed to providing you with open and transparent information about the development of K2 and we’ve developed a new website to help. The K2 Roadmap site will allow you to:

  • View the latest Release Notes, complete with screenshots and easy to read descriptions.
  • Look at where K2 development is headed! The K2 Development Roadmap will show a high-level view of the future development planned over the next several months.
  • Search through the list of Known Issues for a better understanding of the bugs that have been identified in the system and suggested work-arounds until they are fixed.
  • Are you curious about what campgrounds are on K2? Take a look at the list – Who’s On K2.

Users will be able to access the roadmap site by clicking on the “K2 Roadmap” icon from the left menu bar in K2. A link will also be made available on eKamp for campgrounds not currently on K2.

Guest Search Improvements

Feedback we received from our Franchise Advisory Committee told us that the Guest Search was too slow and the results were not relevant enough. It slows down the reservation process! Believe it or not, there is real science behind making a guest search work well. With this release, we have taken some of the first steps towards improving guest search.

  • We looked at how users are accustomed to searching for their guest in KampSight and updated the K2 search programming to anticipate those same patterns. The BEST search in K2 is still first name (space) last name (space) zip code.
  • We also looked at the way we were handling nicknames (“Bill” instead of “William”, for example).
  • One of the most impactful things we did was to look at how search results were ranked and presented to the users – the most relevant results will show first in the list with less relevant results showing further down the list. Exact matches getting higher ranking as do VKR matches.
  • Other updates to improve the speed and accuracy of the search included stripping out any extra spacing from the search terms, dropping prefixes or suffixes (such as “Jr.”), and adding programming to find “sounds like…” for the search terms.
  • Lastly, we’ve given the Guest Search the ability to ‘learn’ for us so that we can continue to make improvements.

Guest Information Widget

We’ve made some updates to the Guest Information widget that address other issues we were seeing in the Guest Search with guest name duplication.

The buttons available to ‘Choose a New Guest’ or to ‘Edit the Current Guest’ have been made larger and more descriptive. We believe this will help in the effort to prevent duplications in our guest database.


Other Options

Based on feedback from users, we made an update to the reservation “peek modal” that provides more direct access to functions that could previously only be access from inside the reservation form. These options were collected under one new button called “Options”, but will vary depending on the status of the reservation. Note: depending on the browser you’re using, you may have to clear your cache to be able to see the ‘Options’ button the first time.

  • Add to Group
  • Copy
  • Guest Folio
  • Resend Confirmation
  • View Log

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