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September 22, 2020 Release

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Report Menu Enhancements

We are excited to introduce improvements to the Report Menu with this release. This project began early in the year but took a back seat to the flurry of development around COVID 19. Before we look at an overview of the updates, the following were the drivers for this development.

  1. Performance Benefits
    Overall K2 system performance is among the highest priorities for us and we are constantly monitoring it and making improvements. We understand that users want speedy movement between screens at their front desk while working with their guests.Certain reports have created challenges for performance because of their size and processing needs. On the back-end, these enhancements improve performance by allowing us to better regulate and segregate reporting from the transactional system. In other words, report processing will have less impact on the day to day work of making reservations, checking guests in, KampStore, processing credit cards, etc.
  2. User Experience
    We found that it isn’t always clear to a user what’s happening behind the scenes when a report takes a long time to run. In many cases, the screen just sits there as the report processes. The user may get impatient and close their browser and try to re-run their report, not realizing their first report is still running in the background. The result is a log jam with the reporting system and it slows down. With this release, we’ve added a feature that will make the status of a report running clear to the user. It will allow the user to start the report and move on to other things until the report finishes processing. Multiple reports can be queued up and processed.
  3. Foundation for Future Enhancements
    We’ve had suggestions for lots of different enhancements centered around reporting such as ‘Favorites’, ‘Memorized Reports’, ‘Scheduled Reports’, etc. Up until now, our reporting foundation would not have supported many of those enhancements. The groundwork we’ve laid will now make a way for these enhancements in the future.


When you click on the Reports menu option from the left side bar, you will see a different screen than what you’ve seen in the past.

  • We removed the ‘buttons’ for the report categories and put them across the top of the page. Clicking on the report category name produces a drop down list of all the reports in that category. The list of available reports has not changed, just how you get to them. If you prefer, use the search field available to quickly find a report so you don’t have to sort through the drop downs.
  • We’ve moved the Snapshot report to the center of the Report Menu screen and transformed it to a dashboard look and feel. Our future roadmap includes building additional dashboards in the future that can be displayed in this area.
  • The meat of the Report Menu enhancements can be seen on the right side of the screen where we’ve added a section called ‘Queued Reports’. Think of this as a ‘bucket’ or holding tank for the reports you run. 
  • When a user selects a report to run, they will see the report options pop-up modal where they can select from the options available. There is a new drop-down field in the pop-up called ‘Output Options’ which will allow the user to decide how they want to see the report: PDF, XLSX, or CSV.
  • Note: We have limited the number of reports that display directly to the screen. If a report can be run to the screen, it will have the additional option ‘Screen’ in the Output Options drop-down.
  • When the report runs, it goes to the ‘Queued Reports’ area for processing.
    • If the report is waiting to be processed by the server, you will see the status “Waiting….”
    • If the report is currently being processed by the server, you will see the status “Processing…”
    • When the report is done processing and ready to be viewed, you will see the status “Ready!”
  • Report statuses are updated every five seconds
  • Clicking on the delivery type icon next to the report name in the Queue will open the report. For example, clicking on ‘PDF’ opens the report in the pdf format.
  • The Queue is ordered with the most recent report at the top down to the oldest at the bottom.
  • While you can run the same report many times throughout the day, we have limited the ability to run a report if a previous attempt of the same report is still processing.
  • The Queue holds the reports you run for a 24 hour time period which will allow you to come back to view the same report any time that day without the need to re-run it. A process that runs overnight will automatically delete reports that are 24 hours old or older. However, any report can be manually deleted by clicking on the garbage can icon.
  • It is also important to note that the Queue history is held by Username; you will not see reports that were run by all users at your campground.


Multi-property Owners

For franchisees who own multiple properties, we saw a need to provide an easier way for them to access reporting for all of their properties in one place rather than having to go into each operation.

NOTE: If you are a multi-property owner, please contact Nicole Geiger (ngeiger@koa.net) with a list of the usernames from your organization that you want to setup for access to multi-property reports.

Once you’re setup, you will see a new button on your login screen called “Multi-Property Reporting”.

Clicking on this button will take you into a dedicated space for reporting for your portfolio of campgrounds. The look and feel of the screen is very similar to what you would see at the individual campground, with some changes.

  1. Report drop-downs across the top of the page are different.
    • There is a drop-down call “Location Reports” which will allow you to pull the individual campground reports for any campground in your portfolio.
    • The list first shows the report category and then expands to show the report name.
    • Before you see the report options, you will be required to first select which one of your campgrounds to use for the report.
    • Note: for Location reports, you will only be able to select one campground at a time.
    • Once a campground has been selected, the normal report options pop-up modal for that report will appear on the screen. Choose your options and click ‘Generate’.
    • The report will show in the Queue with the name of the campground listed directly underneath the report name.
  2. There is a new drop-down called “Multi-Property Reports”. We are introducing some new reports that have been specifically designed to run across all campgrounds in your portfolio or for just a single campground.
  3. The Snapshot dashboard that shows on the screen when you login will show the information for the first campground alphabetically in your portfolio. Data will only be shown for a single campground, not all of your campgrounds at once. You can swap between your campgrounds quickly by clicking on the drop-down and choosing from the list.

Report Updates

NEW! Multi-Property Deposit Liability (only available in Multi-Property Reporting)

This simple report shows the Franchise Number, Campground Name, and the total amount of deposit liability for each campground you chose for the report. It is a snapshot in time report, which mean you can’t choose a date for the report.

NEW! Performance Comparison Report (only available in Multi-Property Reporting)

This report presents numbers in a current day comparison to same day last year, current month to same month last year, and current year to date to last year to date. It is a robust look at the performance for each campground in your portfolio. Each numbered section in the graphic is explain below.

  1. Income
    The income numbers should closely match the Operation Recap for the following areas:
    Registration: Amounts listed here are registration related charges, such as site fees and people minus discounts (net). Cancellation fees or other types of charges are not included here.KampStore: All stores sales, minus discounts, are listed here. Taxes are not included.Other Income: All other net charges are included here, such as Pet Fees, Resort fees, dry storage, etc.Deposits: Lists the net deposit activity the time period.
  2. Deposits
    Deposits flow from Reservations will show the deposit liability and should closely match the campground’s Deposit Liability report with the exception of deposits on overdue check ins. Current Day is as of the date chosen for the report. Prior Day is the amount of the liability on the same day last year.
  3. Sites Occupied
    This section will list the sites that were actually occupied, not ‘nights sold’ across RV Short Term, RV Long Term, Deluxe Cabin, Camping Cabin, Tent, and Other. These numbers should closely match those found in the Occupancy reports.
  4. Guest Surveys
    The Guest Surveys will list the number of surveys and scores for the Current Day, same day last year, Current Month, same month last year, Current YTD, and the year to date last year. It should be noted that the year to date considered is the calendar year, not the award year.
  5. All KOAs
    This section will combine the totals for all campgrounds in your portfolio that you included when running the report to provide the value of an overall look at performance.

Cancellation Report

An error was reported for the ‘Nights’ Variance column. The variance was calculating off the COUNT rather than the Nights. This has been corrected.

Deposit Liability Report

An issue was discovered where deposits made on the day of the report run may have been missed on the report in some cases. This has been corrected to include deposits made through the end of the day it was run for.

Weekly Remittance Report

An issue was reported from a Canadian campground that when they exported their Weekly Remittance Report to pdf, it was showing the British Pound symbol (£) instead of the dollar symbol. This has been corrected.

Other Development

Canadian QuickBooks

A minor bug was fixed to remove non-cash payment types from the Gift Certificate line in the IIF file. The only text to be seen in IIF download field invitem are ‘Cash’, ‘Credit Card’ and blanks for Canadian campgrounds. Non-Cash has been removed and will no longer show for any payment types.

Discount Setup

A long standing issue with Discount Setup has been addressed in this release. In the past, when you added a new site to your campground, you would have to go into each discount and add the site to the discount. The system logic was that all sites were excluded until you added them to the discount. We’ve reversed that logic; now all sites will be included unless you exclude them. This means that if you add a new site, it is automatically included in all discounts unless the Site Class or Pricing Group it belongs to has already been excluded.

Additional work that was done:

  • All discounts in your current setup have been converted to this new logic.
  • The Discount System Check has been updated.
  • The Value Kard Discount setup has been updated with a limitation that only Site Class ‘Other’ and its sites can be excluded from the Value Kard Discount. This is to comply with the Value Kard program requirements.

Receipts: VKR savings message

A minor bug was fixed to correct the digits after the decimal for the VKR savings message.

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