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September 26, 2018 Release

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ANNOUNCING Swap Sites on the Booking Chart!

This is a drag and drop functionality that will allow the user to move multiple sites at a time provided that some basic guidelines are followed.
Here are the guidelines for the functionality:

  • Swap Site will be allowed on both Up Coming and On Site reservations
  • The action of swapping sites cannot result in pricing changes for any of the reservations involved because we didn’t want to pull the user into the individual reservation forms to complete the task. Therefore:
    • The swap must be between sites within the SAME PRICING GROUP
    • The arrival and departure dates cannot change during the swap. The user can move the sites vertically on the Booking Chart, but not horizontally.
    • Sites that are locked are not available for swapping.
    • Additional Questions (UDFs) will not be altered in the changes. We will assume the user will take care of the UDFs at the time of registration.
    • Discounts applied to the reservations will not be changed during the swap process.
    • Just like in the normal drag and drop site move in the Booking Chart, Site Swap will not allow moving a reservation with hold dates. This is not yet supported in K2 yet. Reservations with hold dates are not grayed out like locked sites are but if you try to move them, they simply will not move.
  • Error checks will be done on each site within the move for equipment, max length, max people, etc.

To begin a Site Swap, click on the ‘Pencil’ icon in the upper right of the Booking Chart

Move reservations from site to site by clicking on them and dragging them to the site that you want. Sites that are locked and can’t be moved will be grayed out. The drag and drop box will turn red if the user tries to move the reservation to a site that is not in the same Pricing Group.

Note: during the moving process, it can look like you have two reservations on one site, but they will be outlined in RED as a visual reminder that it has to be taken care of.

When sites have been moved as desired, click ‘Save’ to complete the swap process.

In the final step, a message will pop-up requesting that the user review the reservations and the moves. If there are errors, the user will have the opportunity to go back to the Booking Chart and correct them.

NEW Tax Report

There is a new report found under the Accounting Reports button that will be a big help when it comes to dealing with you tax reporting.

  • The report will include all taxes for the date range chosen, including registration, other income, and as well as store income.
  • It can be run for any date range in the past, but will default to the last full calendar month.
  • It will include a heading for each Tax Name and code and include Tax Authority, Tax Rate, Tax Base, and Tax Amount.

Error Messaging for VKR on KOA.com

When a guest books a reservation on KOA.com with their VKR, there are some checks we make to validate the VKR number and membership. We have updated the error messaging we send back to KOA.com to be more specific for the guest when we find mismatches between the information they provide and what we have on file in the VKR database.

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