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September 3, 2018 Release

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Value Kard Rewards and KOA.com updates

Earlier this summer, we made some changes to how we validate VKR memberships in an effort to remove some of the roadblocks guests were experiencing making reservations on KOA.com. Based on your feedback, we appears we over-corrected and will be rolling back several of the changes we made over the next few weeks. These include:

  • An update was done to not apply the VKR discount on a reservation (online or at the front desk) if the card is currently expired. However, if the card is active but expires before the arrival date, the discount will still be applied.
  • The error check for applying the VKR discount to multiple reservations for the same time period was put back into the front-end of the reservation process rather than relying on the check done at registration.
  • When a guest is using a discount other than the VKR and the discount is setup to NOT ALLOW use with the VKR discount, we will no longer automatically try to apply (or re-apply) the VKR discount. The issue we were seeing was that any changes to the reservation stay information would result in the VKR being automatically reapplied in the discount information.
  • We’ve updated the programming which gives VKR holders their 250 Bonus Points for making their reservation online. This updated programming more closely aligns with the current VKR program rules for bonus points.
  • For campgrounds who are required to charge Tax on VKR sales, we’ve updated the VKR sales list page to show the tax amount, which was previously not showing.



Your feedback on receipts lead to another update we put in with this release. When a guest pays with Cash and you gave them change, the receipt used to say “Refund – Cash”. It was sometimes confusing to the guest. We have now changed the wording to be “Cash Returned”.


In an ongoing focus on eliminating the areas where a user can create an unbalanced transaction, we removed some of the Global Charge codes from the additional charge code drop-down in the Stay Charges widget. This was done to prevent users from manually adding charges for things that are handled automatically by the system – VKR for example. Any custom charge codes setup at the campground level will still show.


Guest Check In Email

There was a delay in the release of the Check In email, but it was brought online in the afternoon of August 30th. Below is a repeat of the announcement in case you missed it!

This release saw the completion of a project between the KOA.com and K2 – the Guest Check In email! When a guest checks in, K2 sends a ‘trigger’ to Tempest to send an email to the guest which was developed by our Marketing department to welcome them to your campground.

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