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Accessibility Features on KOA.com

Accessibility attributes that are displayed for the guest on KOA.com are set at the Pricing Group level.

Adding Accessibility Features at the Pricing Group level:

  • In Setup, under Rate Management, click Pricing Groups.
  • Click the Pricing Group to Edit.
  • In the Additional Attributes box, click Edit
  • Click the Select Attribute dropdown to choose the attributes to add:
    • Once the attribute has been added, switch the toggle to Yes
  • At least one of these attributes set to yes will be marked as ‘accessible’. See the Quality Assurance Manuals ADA – Accessibility Status Report for information on the guidelines.
  • Accessible Bath
  • Accessible Kitchen
  • Accessible Parking
  • Enlarged Door Openings
  • Enlarged Hallways
  • Fold Down Shower Bench
  • Hand-held Shower Head
  • Lever Door Handles
  • Mobility Accessible
  • Ramp
  • Reduced Height Bathroom Sink
  • Reduced Height Room Fixtures
  • Roll in Showers
  • Shower Chair Available on Request
  • Shower Safety Grab Bars
  • Toilet Safety Grab Bars
  • Visual Alarms
  • Visual Notification for Doo
  • Click Save

    Accessibility Features on KOA.com
  • On the KOA.com listing, there will be a new link in the bulleted feature list called “Accessibility Features”.
  • Clicking on the link or ‘View Details’ will take the guest to the details screen which includes a column of information about Accessibility Features.
  • On step three of the reservation process, the guest will be presented with an additional notice in the Terms & Conditions to acknowledge they’ve chosen to stay on a site that includes accessibility features.
  • From an accessibility requirement standpoint, the guest will choose a Pricing Group that they have determined will meet their needs based on the attributes and description in the listing.
    • They will also have acknowledged that they chose a site that includes accessibility features.
    • The reservation will be locked to the site that was assigned with a special new lock code called “Accessibility”.
    • There are no built-in charges for the Accessibility lock. However, it is important to note that if a guest used Select My Site with a fee associated with, the fee will still apply.
  • Accessibility features can be applied at the site level, but these do not show up on KOA.com and will not lock sites.
  • Accessibility features applied at the Pricing Group level will apply to ALL sites in the Pricing Group. Therefore, accessibility features should only be added to a Pricing Group that consists of accessible sites.

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