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Hot Deals on KOA.com

The reservations for your campground are rolling into KOA.com, and your big weekends are looking great! But, how about those “midweek doldrums” when you could shoot a cannon through your KOA on a Wednesday and not hit an RV? And wouldn’t it be nice if weekend campers stayed through Monday and went home Tuesday, instead? Enter the KOA Hot Deal. Offering just the right special deal to your campers – at just the right time – could spell the difference between a so-so summer season and a record-setter for your KOA.

Setting up a Hot Deal

  • In Setup, under Rate Management
    • Or use the search field to search for Discounts
  • Click Discounts
  • Click on the discount you would like to make a Hot Deal on KOA.com
  • To enter a new a discount, click +Discount
    • See the Setup – Discounts on the K2 Knowledge Base for details on how to create
  • Click Manage Rules under Discount Rules
    • Choose Usage Rule from the Rule Type dropdown
    • Choose Display on KOA.com from the Option dropdown
    • From the Value dropdown:
      • Choose Public to display the discount on KOA.com
      • Choose Private to create a link to receive the discount when making the reservation
  • Click Save Rule
  • Click Close


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