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QuickBooks IIF Download

Intuit Interchange Format (IIF) files are used to transfer transaction data to QuickBooks.

In order to access the Accounting feature in the Setup, your username must be granted access to Accounting within the Security Groups.  

  • In K2, click Setup
  • Click Accounting
  • Then click QuickBooks IIF Export
  • Enter the Date of the file you want to run.
    • It is recommended you run each day individually for reconciliation purposes. The Start and End date should be the same.
    • If you choose to do a date range, the import into QuickBooks will be one lump sum and not split out by day.
  • Click Export
    • Once you click Export, your file will automatically be in your download folder to upload in QuickBooks.
    • If you get Out of Balance (OOB) offset, always hit yes to continue downloading the file.

**Please Notes**

After fixing the reservation/KampStore transaction in the System Check, you will get this same message to offset the prior OOB on the day of the fix.

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