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Setup – Additional Questions (UDFs)

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Additional Questions (or User Defined Fields) are questions/comment displayed to prompt the front desk to gather necessary information required to complete the reservation process

Additional Questions (UDFs)

  • In Setup, under Reservation Setup, click Additional Questions (UDFs)
    • The dashboard will display all Additional Questions that have been entered.
    • To review and/or edit an existing Additional Questions, simply click anywhere on the line to go to the next screen.
    • Ability to Inactivate Additional Questions.
  • Creating new Additional Questions (UDFs)
    • Click + Additional Question
    • Description:  Whether a question or comment, the front desk will be prompted to gather additional details during the Reservation. The key is to remind them what to ask without overloading the screen with a long explanation.
    • Select the Type of response that corresponds with question or comment:
      • Yes/No. Allows you to associate a charge code.
      • Text (like a name)
      • Number. Allow you to associate a charge code.
      • A range of options (select from a list defined here)
    • Automatic responses are controlled by the Default Value. Enter the value you want the answer to default to in the box provided.
    • What Stay Type do you want the question to appear on?
      • Short Term Stays or on Long Term Stays?
    • Charge Code: associate charges to be brought into a reservation. The charges are based off the response to the question.
    • Site Classes:  Continuing with the Pet Example, in this case we only charge for pets if they stay in a cabin. We want to tie the UDF to a specific site class (in this case accommodation).
    • Do you want this UDF to be shown, hidden, required or none on during the Reservation or Registration process? 

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