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Setup – Calendar Rate Groups

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A Rate Group is how you define your seasons, holidays, weekends vs weekdays, shoulder vs in-season, etc. Allowing you to quickly and efficiently change rates for all daily sites in that given time period. Lets take a look at we define our Rate Groups and the days they are associated with.
Calendar Rate Groups
  • In Setup, under Rate Management, click Calendar Rate Groups
    • The dashboard will display all Rate Groups that have been entered.
    • To review and/or edit an existing Rate Groups, simply click anywhere on the line
    • Use the trash can on the right to delete Rate Groups.
  • To create a new Rate Group
    • Click + Rate Group
    • Choose the Name for this Calendar Rate Group.
    • Associate a Color you would like to use on the Calendar for this Rate Group.
    • Do you want to COPY another Rate Group as a baseline?
      • From this copied baseline, you can easily add a couple dollars to the rate plan of your choosing to make this new Rate Group Rates
  • Once the Rate Plans have been defined, the Rate Calendar can be updated.
    • Auto Fill Calendar with Rate Groups makes filling out the calendar very simple and quick. Choose the days of the week, weekends, or months that will pertain to this Rate Group.
      • To change multiple days over the course of a set of dates, choose the Auto Fill option.
    • Next Unassigned Date is the next date on your calendar that does not have a rate group assigned.
    • Last Assigned Date is the last date on the calendar that has a rate group.
    • Last Internet Date takes you into Season Dates:
      • If your operation is only open during a certain season period, keep the Open All Year toggle to no.
      • You will be prompted to enter the dates of which your park is open.
    • Last Internet Date is the date where you will assign the last date to be able to reserve this rate group on KOA.com. 
    • Under Show Holidays for, check the box of the holiday you would like see on your calendar.

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