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Setup – Charge Codes

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Ready to automatically charge for pets or for locking a site? Lets setup a charge code to do just that!
  • In Setup, under Rate Management, click Charge Codes
    • The dashboard will display all Charge Codes that have been entered.
    • To review and/or edit an existing Charge Codes, simply click anywhere on the line
    • Ability to inactivate Charge Codes
    • Globe Icon indicates a global default that can not be edited.
  • To create new Charge Codes
    • Create a simple 2-digit Code.
    • Short, but concise Title (the front desk will search a list for this).
    • Is this a fixed fee or variable?
      • If fixed, choose the amount to be charged.
      • If fixed, enter the default amount you want for this charge.
      • If variable, this will be tied to a rate plan (short- or long-term rate plan depending on the type of charge)
      • An example of a variable charge code, is a Pet Fee. If you charge for pets to be in cabins, based on the number of pets, and the charge changes based on the type of cabin the guest is reserving. Therefore, this charge is set up to be tied to a short-term rate plan.
    • Select the Charge Type
      • Registration is related to the guest staying on the site and therefore Royalty based. 
      • Other are charges not related to the site.
    • Indicate whether this is a One-time charge to be posted on the check-in date. The charge is repeated unless this box is checked.
    • Is this charge discountable? Check the box for Yes.
    • Is the charge taxable? Check the box for Yes.

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