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Setup – Discounts

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Discounts are offered externally via Hot Deals on KOA.com and internally to be used at the Front Desk. Let's look at creating those Discounts in K2.


  • In Setup, under Rate Management, click Discounts
    • The dashboard will display all Discounts that have been entered.
    • To review and/or edit an existing Discounts, simply click anywhere on the line to go to the next screen.
    • Globe Icon indicates a global default discounts that can not be edited.
    • Ability to Inactivate Discounts.
  • Creating a new Discount
    • Click the + Discount
    • Edit Sort Priority changes the order of how Discounts appear on KOA.com
    • Discount Code is a 2-character unique reference for each discount.
    • Discount Name is the actual name that will show up for the front desk to see in the Discount Pop-up and the Hot Deal on KOA.com.  Keep this professional.
    • Type of Discount – What are you offering with this discount?
      • Amount Off – Dollars off per night or per stay.
      • Flat Rate Per Night – This nightly rate will override your Short-Term Rate Plan prices.
      • Percent Off – Reduce the stay by a percentage off.
      • Kids Stay Free – Do not charge for kids when this discount is used.
      • Buy X, Get Y (BOGO) – Common for Hot Deals.  Buy One Night (paid in full) and Get One Night (for free or percentage off as determined in Rules)
    • Marketing Description – This needs to be customer-centric and provide a call to action. This is NOT a place to put rules or terms/conditions. That is in the next section.
    • Click Save
  • Discounts & Terms and Conditions
    • Discount Rules: What kind of rules should apply to this discount? These rules include: calculation rules, charge rules, discount limits, stay options, and usage rules with sub categories in each…and much more.
      • All discounts will at least need a Charge Rule to be valid.
    • Notes: Whether a Hot Deal, published discount (Military Discount for example), or an internal discount, notes remind you what you need to communicate to the guest or your staff.
    • Terms and Conditions: Hot Deals need terms and conditions to let the guest know what is and is not included in the discount.
      • Choose from the preloaded options by choosing Manage Terms and Conditions.
      • You have the ability to add a custom term or condition, but if you need to ADD to the list (see Terms and Conditions).
    • Site Exclusions allows you to set the discount at a site level. For any discount, you can choose the site(s) that should be excluded for the discount.
      • All site classes, pricing groups, and sites are included in the discount by default.
      • Use the dropdown to select what types are excluded from this discount.
    • Photos (Optional): On KOA.com, use a photo to draw attention to your discount(s).

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