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Setup – Employees

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Ready to add a new employee to K2? Let's get started!
  • In the Setup Menu, under Security, click Employees
    • The dashboard will display all Employees that have been entered.
    • To review and/or edit an existing Employees, simply click anywhere on the line
    • Use the trash can on the right to delete Employees.
  • To add a new Employee:
    • Click + Employees
    • Enter the applicable Username you desire, K2 will prompt you whether the username is available or not.
    • Enter their First and Last Name
    • Enter the initial password, the employee will have the option to change this later.
    • Now assign the Security Group or Groups for what the employee needs to access.
      • One item to note when assigning security groups to an employee: If the employee needs access to eKamp, you will want to ensure you assign a default security group to the employee, as this is how eKamp reads access from K2 accounts.
    • Click Save

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