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Setup – Equipment

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Each site will need a defined list of allowable equipment. So, let's take a look at the standard list equipment that is provided for K2 campgrounds.
  • In Setup, under Reservation Setup, click Equipment
    • In this section, you’re going to review the standard list of equipment that is provided for K2 campgrounds. This is done to keep the naming of the equipment types consistent across the entire system, so that the guest experience doesn’t vary from campground to campground.
    • Notice the Is Length Required and Disconnect/Tow options are predefined for you, but you can add buffer lengths to the equipment (ex: a fifth wheel usually has a truck attached which would add length to the total allowable available room on the site.)
    • You have the ability to set a type of equipment to Inactive to prevent the item from showing up in your options to select when adding equipment to a site.

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