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Setup – KampStore Discounts/Kits/Deals

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Lets take a walk through accessing and creating new KampStore discounts, kits, and deals.

KampStore Discounts

  • In Setup, under KampStore Setup, click Discounts
    • The dashboard will show you a list discounts created, their code, any % off and have the ability to Inactivate a discount.
  • To create a new KampStore Discount,
    • Click the +KampStore Discount
      • Discounts created here are only accessible within KampStore
    • Give the discount a Name
    • Give the discount a Code that the front desk can use when applying the discount (up to 10 characters)
    • Choose the Type of discount
      • Percentage Off
        • Enter the Percentage off
        • Use the Limit Amount to set a dollar/percentage cap per item for this discount.
      • Dollar Amount Off
    • Click Save

KamStore Deals and/or Kits

  • In Setup, under KampStore Setup, click Kits/Deals
    • The dashboard will show you a list of all Kits and Deals created, their names, department names and prices.
  • To create a new KampStore Deal and or Kits
    • Click the +KampStore Deals
    • Both: Create a guest centric Name for either the Deal or Kit
      • Example: Buy 5 pieces for $1 or S’more Kit
    • Both: Describe the purpose of the deal for future reference.
    • Both: Which Department should the items fall into?
    • Both: What is the Price for this deal/kit?
    • Deal: Do you need Decimals?
      • Example: Grill Deal: purchase ­­__ pounds of propane to receive a discount on each pound
    • Deal: How many of the included Items must be purchased for this deal to apply?
    • Both: Choose the Items to be included by clicking Add by the item once found.
    • Kits: Do you have a unique SKU number for this Kit? Can include words.
    • Kits: Are there special instructions you would like to make sure the staff knows when ringing in this deal?
    • Click Save

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