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Setup – Long Term Stay (LTS) Rate Plans

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In the camping industry, Long Term Stay (LTS) refers to guests staying for an extended period of time consecutively. So lets take a look at creating Rates for your LTS!
  • In Setup, under Rate Management, click Rate Plans – Long Term
    • The dashboard will display Rate Plans that have been entered.
    • To review and/or edit an existing Rate Plan, simply click anywhere on the line
    • Ability to Inactivate a Rate Plan.
  • To create a new Long Term Stay (LTS) Rate Plan
    • Click + Long Term Stay Rate Plan
    • Input the Name (example: 2023 Monthly Rate Plan)
    • A Description should include key phrases related to the Pricing Group if there are multiple LTS Rate Plans during the same time frame (examples: 2023 Back-Ins and 2023 Pull-Thrus).
    • Must Reserve Between: If you only wanted to allow reservations between a set of dates, let’s say the month of March, you would input the start and end date for March. Another example is that you want to offer a discounted monthly rate plan if the guests’ book by a certain time – after which you would create a second monthly rate plan at a higher monthly rate.
    • Must Arrive Between: If you have a campground that has a peak season, you may only want to offer a monthly rate to grab business on the outlying months.
    • Seasonal Rate Plan allows different options, such as a flat rate site charge and payment plans. Check the box to indicate this rate plan is considered seasonal.
      • Remember: If you calculate your months as 28 or 30 day months, you will need to create your long term rate plan as a seasonal rate plan in order to correctly charge the guest each month
    • Click Save
  • Now you will be presented with parameters to work a: Pricing Group, Site Charges, and Additional Charges.
    • Manage Pricing Groups:
      • Pick and choose which Pricing Group(s) to include in this LTS.
      • Click Add
      • Then Save.
    • Manage Site Charges: Gives you the option to define each month separately or as a group utilizing the Rate Adjustment tool.
      • Site Charges allow you to set this Rate Plan as a Flat Rate, Periodic Rates (monthly charges vary) and whether this plan will allow payment plans.
      • Additional Charges: do you have additional charges that need to be added to this site for an LTS.
      • Proration: in the case of early or later checkout, you can prorate your monthly charge by a daily rate basis, enter the daily prorated amount.
    • Manage Additional Charges: Decide how you want to treat additional adults and children. If you recall, when setting up the Pricing Groups, we defined how many people are included in the rate. Additional Charges is how we would charge a monthly additional charge for adults or children.
    • Click Save

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