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Setup – Minimum Stay Rules

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Have a special event coming up and need to set the minimum number of nights that the guest needs to stay? Let's create a minimum stay rule together.

Create a Minimum Stay Rule

  • In Setup, under Dates, click Minimum Stay Rules
    • The dashboard will display all Minimum Stay Rules that have been entered.
    • To review and/or edit an existing Minimum Stay Rules, simply click anywhere on the line
    • Use the trash can on the right to delete a Minimum Stay Rule.
  • To create a new Minimum Stay Rule:
    • Click the + Minimum Stay Rule
    • Give the rule a simple Title to let your front desk quickly know the reason dates are not available.
    • Minimum # of Nights: How many days prior to the start date of the minimum stay rule should we lift the requirements to allow less nights? This only allows us to completely lift the rule meaning any number of nights will be accepted.
    • Use Ignore Rule: tells K2 to ignore the minimum stay rule as you get closer to the beginning date and want to fill up your sites.
      • For example, you setup a minimum stay with a date range of 7/12/21 through 7/15/21.  If you were to enter a ‘5’ in the Ignore Minimum Stay field, K2 would not enforce the minimum stay requirement beginning June 27th (K2 counts the arrival date of 7/1/21 as one of the 5)
    • Start/End Dates: Decide what dates you would like to require a minimum night stay. Keep in mind that if the guest books on Friday, and the holiday is on a Wednesday, we still require a minimum night, so you may want to make it a couple days on either day of the stay to capture the correct requirements.
    • Apply Rule to a Rate Group ties this minimum stay requirement to a specific rate group.
    • Enforce Nights: Choose this option to absolutely require ‘x’ number of nights within the Start and End Dates no matter what day the check-in or check-out is. The ignore Rule should still work at the start of the number of days prior to when you would like to accept all reservations.
    • Deposit Override Rule: select whether you want to override the deposit rule with a full stay deposit or require minimum nights.
      • For example, you may want to require a full stay deposit for special events.
    • Latest Check-in Date: Given a special event, in the case of July 4th, we may want to require everyone to check-in prior to the holiday.
    • This rule can be tied directly to specific Pricing Groups or All Pricing Groups.
      • Check the box to indicate this rule to All Pricing Groups.
      • Or select which Pricing Groups this rule will be tied too.

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