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Setup – Operation Details

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Ready to explore K2? Let’s start by taking a look at the campground basics.
  • In Setup, under Operation Setup, click Operations Details
    • Contact Details:
      • Here is the campground contact information. Confirm this correct as this prints on the receipts and confirmations.
    • Email:
      • Enter your Contact Email Address
      • If you have separate email for confirmations, use the Return Email Address
    • Reservation:
      • Check Out Time: If you allow different check out times in Accommodations than other site classes, educate the guest when they Check In. Best Practice is to make this the earliest checkout time required. Often Accommodation check out time is earlier, so put that time in this field.
      • CC Email: Check this box to get a copy of confirmation email.
      • Require Referral Code: This is recommended to set at Yes. This will ensure the front desk finds out how the guest found out about your campground to help you make better marketing decisions.
      • Select My Site: This feature allows a guest on KOA.com to choose a specific site for a fee based on your Charge Code setup.  If you’d like to use that function, move the slider to the right for Yes.
      • Express Arrival: Move the slider to the right for Yes if you want to opt into this option.
    • Walk In Rates
      • If you have rates and want reservations made the same day as arrival date, check this box. The walk-in plan is typically higher than the normal rate plan allowing you to capitalize on last-minute business.
    • Other
      • Max Distance to Consider Local/Regional: Set the max distance from your campground that a camper will be considered part of your local market on your Market Group Reports.
      • Minimum Age to be considered an adultAt what age does your [NG1] campground define an adult? This will impact how your charge for additional people.
      • Charge for Kids:  Does your campground charge for kids? Choose from the options: Charge for kids beginning at age, All kids are free, and Charge for all kids.
      • Maximum age to be considered a free kid: When do you start charging for kids and stop considering them “Free Kids”?
      • Sort Sites by:  Sort by Lengths first so your big rigs are in your big sites.
      • Include Accommodations when searching for a Tent Site:  Cross sell Accommodations when guests are inquiring about Tenting.

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