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Setup – Overview

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Welcome to the K2 Setup Overview. In this video, we'll look at the various areas of setup.
  • You can access K2 Setup in 2 ways: the Setup Assistant or the Setup Menu.
  • First we’ll look at the Setup Assistant. It is designed to help new K2 Users navigate through all areas of K2 Setup in an efficient manner. However, you’re welcome to use the Setup Assistant menus even if you’re already Live on K2 if you prefer the layout.
    • To access the Setup Assistant,
      • Click on your User Name.
      • Then click on Setup Assistant.
    • Next, you’ll see the K2 Setup Assistant Welcome Screen.
      • Click the Let’s get started! button to continue.
    • Starting at the top left, the Setup Assistant is designed to work through all areas of K2 Setup from start to finish in order with the least amount of backtracking. The layout is similar to reading books with chapters.
    • You’ll notice the “books” going from left to right.
      • For Example, Site Setup followed by Rate Setup followed by Text and so on until the last book named Review.
    • Under each “book” are the “chapters”.
      • For example, under Site Setup, you’ll see Operation Details then Tax Tables then Site Attributes and so on.
      • In setup, one section builds upon the next so this order is designed to be the most efficient. As an example, you need Tax Tables & Equipment to complete Pricing Group Setup so those sections are first.
  • The other option to access K2 Setup is through the Setup menu itself.
    • Click Setup to the left of your user name.
    • This too is divided into sections. If you know you’re looking to adjust your Rates, Rate Management with the dollar sign would be the obvious choice to click and then select from the dropdown.
    • Search Box: If I want to update my Minimum Stay Rules, I can type M-I and a number of options appear. When I type the N, it narrows down to just Minimum Stay Rules under the Dates section.

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