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Setup – Payment Types

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  • In Setup, under Reservation Setup, click Payment Types
    • The dashboard will display all Payment Types that have been entered.
    • To review and/or edit an existing Payment Types, simply click anywhere on the line to go to the next screen.
    • Globe Icon indicates a global default Payment Types that can not be edited.
    • Ability to Inactivate the Payment Types.
  • To enter a new Payment Type:
    • Click +Payment Type
    • Enter a Code that will be used
    • Enter the Name
    • Check the box to Allow on Deposits if this Payment Type can be used on deposits.
    • Check the box to Allow on KampStore if this Payment type can be used with KampStore transactions
    • Click Save
  • Customize Button
    • Allows you to modify the payment types that appear in the payment section of reservations. Drag from the list of payment types on the left and place them in the order you would prefer them to display. All remaining payment types will be placed under Other in alphabetical order.
    • Use the tab labeled KampStore to adjust what appears and in what order for KampStore transactions as well.

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