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Setup – Photo Management

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Ready to choose what photos are going to display on KOA.com for your Pricing Group? Let's explore!

Assigning Site Photos for Pricing Groups in K2 (Uploading and editing photos is done in your CMS)

  • In Setup, under Rate Management, click Pricing Groups 
    • Select the Pricing Group that you wish to work on. 
    • Within the Photos section, you will have the ability to select what photos show on KOA.com and the order in which they display.
      • Note: the Floor Plan section has been separated out from the Pricing Group photos section, but will follow the same process when selecting what floor plan will display on KOA.com.
    • To select which photos will display on KOA.com, choose the Edit button.
      • Filtering Options:
        • List View or Grid View
    • Click the name of the photo album as set in the Media Library, to see only photos in that Category.
    • Simply click on the picture(s) you would like to display.
      • You do have the ability to Check All or Uncheck All
    • Click Save Selection.
  • To reorder how you want the site photos to display, choose the Display Order button.
    • Simply use the “drag and drop” function to move photos around. 
    • The image at the top of the list is the default image and will be the one that displays on the main search results page on Step 2 of the reservation process on KOA.com.
    • Click Save.

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