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Setup – Pricing Groups

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Are you ready to create a Pricing Group? Lets explore all the components and what they mean.

Pricing Groups

  • In Setup, under Rate Management, click Pricing Groups
    • The dashboard will display all Pricing Groups that have been entered.
    • To review and/or edit an existing Pricing Groups, simply click anywhere on the line
    • Use the trash can on the right to delete Pricing Groups.
  • To create a new Pricing Group
    • Click +Pricing Group
    • Pricing Group Name is used as an internal communication to let your staff know about the site without having to read the Description. (max 25 characters).
    • Abbreviation:  This field will show in the booking chart (max 6 characters)
    • Site Class: RV, Tent, Accommodation, or Other.  Once set, a Pricing Group cannot change to another Site Class.  (If there is an error, you will need to inactivate the current and create a new one.)
    • The Description is where you will enter the sales pitch for KOA.com.
      • Your front desk staff will also see this field when discussing different Pricing Groups to guests during a reservation. We recommend including a “Call to action here.”
    • Choose a Color that will show up on the booking chart.
    • Rates:
      • How many people are included in your base rate? 
      • How many kids are included in your base rate?
        • An example of Kids count as Adults is if you allow 2 adults and no kids in your base rate.  If 1 adult and 1 kid are staying: YES = Include in the adult count for pricing (no additional charge).  NO = Charge for the 1 kid.
    • Occupancy:
      • Required for all Pricing Groups especially for Accommodations since they have a limited number of sleeping areas. 
      • How many adults and how many kids can sleep comfortably? 
      • The total number of people does not have to equal the number of Max Adults + Max Kids.  This can be overridden by your Front Desk but not KOA.com.
    • Fees:
      • How is your deposit calculated? Select the option from the drop down box.
      • Does this Pricing Group Use a Separate Tax Table than others?  If so, select the tax table in the dropdown.
    • KOA.com:
      • Should this Pricing Group be shown on KOA.com?
        • Keep in mind that you can go into a specific site to take it off KOA.com.
      • Online Sub-Heading allows you to fashion a sub-heading for the Pricing Group on KOA.com. This shows directly under the system generated heading and is not required. The Online Sub-heading can further define a Pricing Group for the guest (examples: On River or On the Oceanfront or Great view of the Mountains). This is an optional field.
    • Click Save
    • In the Site Definition Attributes box, click Edit to define the attributes, this is the soup and nuts of the Pricing Group.
      • The information you include here heavily impacts the auto populated Online Heading.
      • All fields are required even if the answer is “No”.
    • In the Additional Attributes box, click Edit, to more deeply define the Pricing Group.
      • For example, a group of cabins has beds, linens provided, a fire feature, outdoor seating, a Keurig coffee maker, along with a handful of other attributes. We need to define these here
      • Remember these attributes show up on KOA.com
    • In the Additional Required Fees box, click Edit, to add Charge Codes that will apply to all reservations in this Pricing Group.
      • Select the Charge Code from the drop menu
      • Click Save
    • In the Assigning Sites box, click Edit, to add sites to the Pricing Group.
      • On the left are the Available Sites. Select the sites you want to add and click Add Sites.
      • On the right are Sites In this Pricing Group.   
      • A warning triangle appears if a site does not have the same attributes as the Pricing Group
      • Create New Site allows you to create multiple sites.
        • Pulls the Attributes from the Pricing Group and applies it to the site.
    • In the Pricing Group Photos box, click Edit, to what photos show on KOA.com and the order in which they display.
      • Filtering Options:
        • List View or Grid View
        • Click the name of the photo album as set in the Media Library, to see only photos in that “category”.
      • Simply click on the picture(s) you would like to display.
        • You do have the ability to Check All or Uncheck All.
      • Click Save Selection.
      • To reorder how you want the site photos to display, choose the Display Order button.
        • Simply use the “drag and drop” function to move photos around.
        • The image at the top of the list is the default image and will be the one that displays on the main search results page on Step 2 of the reservation process on KOA.com.
        • Click Save.

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