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Setup – Security Groups

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Security Groups are what tells K2 what an employee has access to do function wise in K2.
  • In Setup, under Security, click Groups
    • You will see a list of currently existing Security Groups
    • Default security groups include Administrators, Bookkeeper, Front Desk, Manager, Marketing, and Setup.
      • These groups cannot be deleted or edited.
      • Other groups that you create are editable, and can be deleted, they will be marked with a red trash can next to them.
  • Now, lets take a look at what is inside of a security group:
    • Lets use Administrator as an example.
      • Once you click on the security group, you will first see the Name, and Description.
      • Users in this Security Group, lists the current active employees assigned to the security group,
      • Users in this Operation section shows you all employees in your K2 right now,
        • If you want to add one of the users listed in this list to the security group you’re viewing, you can click ‘add’, and it will instantly add the employee to the security group.
      • List of roles displays that are included in the security group. Default Security Groups won’t allow you to edit these permissions, however you can select and remove whatever roles you need in a custom one.
      • Report Roles displays what report options the employee has access to in the security group.
  • To add a custom Security group:
    • Click +Security Group
    • Enter a Name
    • Give a Description
    • You have the ability to Clone Security Group Roles from another Security Group. Use the dropdown box to select which Security Group you want to copy.
    • Under Operations Roles, select the applicable roles.
    • Under Report Roles, select the applicable roles.
    • Click Save.
      • Note: Ekamp login reads off of Default security groups, not custom ones. If your employee needs access to ekamp, you will need to assign them at least one default security group.

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