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Setup – Site Closure

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Need to prevent a reservation from being booked to a certain site? Let's add a site closure.

Create a Site Closure

  • In Setup, under Dates, click Site Closures
    • The dashboard will display all Site Closures that have been entered.
    • To review and/or edit an existing Site Closure, simply click anywhere on the line to go to the next screen.
    • Use the trash can on the right to delete a site closure.
  • To create a new site closure:
    • Click the + Site Closure
      • **Note** Drag and Drop on a timeframe on the Booking Chart to Close a single site right from the Booking Chart.
    • Choose the Start and End Date for the site closure. These are seen by your staff and not the guest.
    • Add a Comment as to why this site will be closed.
    • Click Continue
    • Click Edit under Closed Sites to add the sites you want to assign to this closure.
      • Sort by Class and Pricing Group
      • Use the double right arrow to ADD ALL sites or the single right arrow to add them one at a time.
      • You can select multiple sites by clicking the first and then holding the CTRL key down as you click on other sites.
    • Click Save

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