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It's that time to create a new site or edit a site.
  • In Setup, under Site Management, click Sites
    • The dashboard will display all Sites that have been entered.
    • To review and/or edit an existing Sites, simply click anywhere on the line to go to the next screen.
    • Ability to Inactivate Sites.
  • To create a new Site:
    • Click + Site (to add one new site)
    • Choose the Site Number you would like to add to K2.
    • Priority (1-999) – helps you define which sites get reserved first and which should only be used as a last resort.
      • 1 is your best site(s)
      • 999 are the sites you would prefer to be booked last
    • Max Useable Length – what is the longest rig, trailer, car, text, etc. that the site can accommodate.
    • Dual Purpose Site is a site that can be used in two different ways.
      • For example, you may have an RV site that can also be used as a Tent site. If this site can be used for Dual Purpose, move the slider to Yes.
    • Choose the Site Class
      • RV, Tent, Accommodation, or Other
    • Choose the Pricing Group all sites should be tied to a pricing group)
    • You can also choose to exclude this new site from KOA.com. Even though the Pricing Group may allow the entire group to be present on KOA.com, you can manually exclude certain sites from being available online.
    • Click Save
  • You will then be brought into the Site Edit screen
    • Site Definition Attributes are inherited from the Pricing Group that was selected. If the site you just created has an attribute(s) that are different, click on the Edit button to update the attribute setting
    • Additional Attributes section allows you to add attributes that are only applicable to this site. You can also copy and replace from another site with similar additional attributes.
    • +Equipment section allows you to add the equipment that is allowed on this site.
  • To add Mulitple Sites:
    • Click + Multiple
    • Choose the Pricing Group that the site is associated too
    • Choose what Site To Copy From
    • Click Continue to create site numbers, define attributes, and add the equipment.

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